Take back your power :: Dr Biswaroop Roy Chowdhary

May 2015

By Jamuna Rangachari

Dr Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury healed himself of a poor memory and a faulty heart, and now spends his time healing others, and urging them to take back control over their health, says Jamuna Rangachari

When life gives you a lemon, make lemonade, goes the saying. But not everyone is adept at the art of lemonade making. Most people give up mid-squeeze. Not Dr Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury, though. Life has been giving him lemon after lemon ever since he was a little boy, and he’s been keeping the lemonade coming. No wonder his story makes for inspirational reading.


At four years of age, Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury was operated for a hole in his heart. He recovered from the operation, but was told he could not take part in sports. His weak memory came in the way of his being a good student, though he scraped through to engineering college. As he was neither good at sports nor studies, he hardly had any friends. It was only because of the support of his parents and their diehard faith in his capacity to overcome anything that he continued striving, and not giving up on life.

It was at this stage that he read a book by Solomon Veniaminovich Shereshevsky, a Russian author, in a library on improving memory. Inspired by the practical techniques in the book, he did what was suggested and could see results in just a week. He felt inspired to share his discovery with others, for he did not want anyone to suffer as he had. Improving memory then became his passion.

He vowed to create geniuses from average and below average children. In this process, the Dynamic Memory Pvt Ltd was born in Faridabad, Delhi. He was clear he needed to practice what he preached and kept working on himself too.

Soon, he achieved something remarkable. He earned the reputation of “Guinness world record holder in memory” by beating Germany’s Michaela Buchvaldova’s world record by recalling 14 randomly selected birth dates with names in the same order in two minutes.

The problem with his heart, however, continued. He tried some mind techniques but that was not enough. Is it not said that avenues open up when when one is ready to learn? Again, books came to his help.

He came across The China Study, a book by T Colin Campbell on medical nutrition, and studied it ardently. Soon, he did a doctorate in Medical Nutrition, and  a specialisation in The China Study from Cornell University, USA. What’s more, he cured himself through this technique, and his ardent affirmations that he would indeed get healed. It was at this stage that Biswaroop became Dr Biswaroop.

At around the same time, he came across Dale Carnegie’s book, How to Stop Worrying and Start Living. The book inspired him to go beyond himself and serve others around him. By then he was already a motivational and memory development speaker, but now his focus was on physical healing. Observing the increase of lifestyle diseases, he wanted to use his newfound knowledge to help people cure themselves. He began holding talks and also treating patients. Soon, he began to achieve very good results.

Tilak Raj Virmani, a 51-year-old gentleman from Delhi was diabetic, and the medication affected his digestive system. The allopaths advised that he should switch to insulin injections. Fortunately, he attended Dr Chowdhury’s seminar last year, and consulted him. After just three days of following his advice, he could see concrete results. He is now off any kind of medicine, is extremely energetic, and recommends Dr Chowdhury to everyone.

“I am so happy that I am able to enjoy a glass of sugar cane juice,” says Mr Yogesh Mittal, 54, an industrialist from Delhi, and formerly a diabetes patient. He has been off all medicines for over a year, has lost 16 kgs, and is now able to eat everything that is natural now. He shared that he had been on 12 tablets a day earlier. When he went for treatment to Dr Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury, he improved in three days and became completely all right in one-and-a -half months. “Dr Chowdhury has restored wellness in our family,” he says. His 70-year-old mother is recovering from diabetes, aches and pains, and his 76-year-old father’s Parkinson’s has shown improvement through his diet plan.


Even more than his techniques, perhaps what we really need to learn from Dr Chowdhury is his diehard spirit and capacity to parlay to others all that has helped him attain wellness of body and mind.

Excerpts from the interview:

What is the memory enhancing technique you practise and how long does it take to work?

Memory techniques primarily work on two principles, 1) Association  2) Imagination

Does diet also play a role in enhancing memory?

Surely! Diet plays an important role in keeping memory intact or perfect. Whatever you eat goes to every cell of the body including the cells of the brain, which stores memory. So a good diet can help everyone improve memory power.

What made you think of ending illness through lifestyle changes?

Diabetes, arthritis, heart ailments, cancer, migraine and even tumour are known as lifestyle diseases because they are caused by faulty lifestyles. Therefore, it is logical and scientific that the moment you correct your lifestyle, the disease should vanish.

We have seen that people take drugs for heart disease and thyroid for decades without getting healed.

Why then do we believe that medicine can help us reverse a disease? The doctors say medicine can control, but actually sometimes medicine makes you worse because the patient increases the dose of medicine/drugs to get the same amount of relief.

I felt this was not the right way and began working on reversing illness.

What is your approach?

My approach is not just naturopathy but combining good food choices with medical nutrition. We ask people their current diet, routine and understand their condition. After this, we give them advice on nutrition and a proper routine, of eating on time, sleeping on time, and some physical activity. Getting well, after all, is a package, though diet is an important part of it. In my experience, any disease that is due to a faulty lifestyle can be reversed using this approach.

How soon do you think the diseases can be handled or cured?

Diseases like migraine, thyroid disease, high blood pressure, cancer, arthritis, diabetes and even obesity, can be cured quickly. I have seen patients who have had diabetes for five years or less cured by the right kind of diet in three days or 72 hours.

In diabetes, we have a study of 1,000 people reversing the disease in just three days.

Similarly a patient of high blood pressure can reverse this challenge within 15 days by taking the right kind of food. This is true of thyroid as well.

In the case of heart diseases, blockages can be removed within two days; it takes maximum one month to become completely all right. Cancer patients take three to six months to recover fully.

How soon do we need to work on our diet? What are the guidelines that you recommend?

Now! The sooner, the better. I suggest that even mothers of infants should learn about Lifestyle Nutrition Science and apply it to their infants.

Please mention a few guidelines for a healthy diet that can be followed by everyone?

I suggest the implementation of the following two rules to begin with:

Rule 1: Before 12 noon eat only fruits. Fruits of a variety of colours and in large quantity.

Rule2: At lunch and dinner, 50 per cent of the diet must consist of salad.

Do you think people are making informed lifestyle choices now?

It seems to be the case but although people want to improve their health, they never take control of their lives themselves. Being exposed to television, newspapers and advertisements, they indulge in unhealthy food, and put themselves at further risk.

What are your plans for the future?

My plan is education in health. I believe health is nothing but education. We cannot give the responsibility of our health to someone else. We have to be our own doctors. To educate the people of India, I am writing books and conducting seminars.

I have also joined hands with Vietnam to form an association called Indo-Vietnam medical board, where we have 500 trained health educators.

The health educators will conduct training of everyone and this will result in people taking care of their own health.


About the Author :


Jamuna Rangachari is a writer who has authored three books for children, including Elixir for Zylake published by Life Positive and compiled and interpreted Teaching Stories-I and II for Life Positive.

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Dr biswaroop is diong great work

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i have gone through the contents of your theory its very nice n i'm thankful to you for doing a noble for the peope , i'm suffering from Blood pressure , thyroid and contraction of KIDNEYS i'm under allopathic treatment , you have said sir regarding Thyroid n blood pressure you have reverse treatment, Sir are there any reverse method in case of kidneys if so please let me know .regards..Mrs Ayush Chauhan , NOIDA

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Dear Sir Thank you for your major contributions to humanity. I would like to know please how does one remove the blockages of the heart in 2 days please.I am having heart trouble but not on ay heart medication. God bless you.

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Girija K. S

Sir, Yesterday I came across your lecture on reversing diabetes in 72 hours and am much impressed. I am diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer and am under hormone treatment. My sugar level is also high and am in heavy metformin. I am going to avoid the "MRP" from my food. Thanks for your effort to ease the humanity through your messages. girija

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Debasish Dasgupta

There should be more elaborate chart giving alternative food items for diet.

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Really its very nice and correct way to start.l am having diabetic from 11years .lt was gestational diabetes and it never gown .my levels was high always.hope I can get more information on my e mails ld.Now my microalunium in urin is 204 .it should be less than 30 .Now I am on completely on veggies and fruit and little added dry fruit.Lets see what are my result after one month .

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mahesh kumar

I will be glade to receive news letter from you

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Harish Kumar

Do you have any plans to conduct a workshop in Hyderabad, this is Diabetes capital of India. Please plan & Adverstise... You will be life giver many people. God Bless You

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Swami Sharan aggarwal

I am very much inspired by the story of Dr.Biswaroop roy Chaudhry.I too want to do something for myself,my family and for the society we live in. From the core of my heart--many many good wishes.

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Kavita Singhal

Dear Dr. Biswaroop Roy, I had attended the two hour session conducted by you in G.K-2 , New Delhi on 24th April 2016 and found it to be very useful. I am 47 yrs young with weight and height of 82 Kgs and 152 cm respectively. I want to cure my obesity and thyroid. I do regular yoga and some meditation. I also have hypothyroid (TSH :5.61 ) and take thyronorm 50 mg for same. Please do let me know about your relevant workshop for same and how can I start this life changing cure treatment for my above two problems. Regards Kavita

Life Positive

Please contact the doctor. Best wishes.

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DOCTOR PLEASE SEND details for program of 72 hours for reversing diabetes, cervical spondylitis & rheumatic arthritis. As my self & my wife is suffering for the last 12 years with Homeopathy medicine. Please treat it most urgent for the most needy person. To day in JAMSHEDPUR JHARKHAND one seminar was held by Dr.BISWARUP ROY CHOWDHURY FROM THERE I CAME TO UNDERSTAND ABOUT HIM. immense thanks for your kind perusal & favourable consideration please. An early reply is highly solicited. TRIDIB CHOWDHURY JAMSHEDPUR 7209686347

Life Positive

Please contact the doctor at https://www.biswaroop.com/ - wish you all the best for complete wellness.

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pl send details for program or 72 hours for reversing diabeties thanks

Life Positive

Please contact the doctor.. Wish you all the best.

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mrs arora

Everything told by the doctor is just magnificent.There are still doubts in my mind regarding the food.is dalia (cut wheat grains) a good food for diabetics.Is boiled rice once a week harmful.And so on. Could you either reply or give me an appointment in India.I am an expat.

Life Positive

Please contact the doctor at Dynamic Memory Pvt. Ltd. B-121, IInd Floor, Green Fields, Faridabad-121003(HR),India Ph. : 0129-2510534, 09312286540 E-mail: biswaroop@biswaroop.com Best wishes for a speedy recovery

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Please send programme details and address and charges on my mail

Life Positive

Please contact the doctor. Wish you all the best.

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I am type 2 diabetic and on youtube I saw Dr.biswaroop video and I want to change my life by reversing this diabetes so I really want to no that I can live all medication as I am suffering from 11 years and in am on metforfin 500mg .and my weight is 80kgs .i am only 38years ..and look like 45years Plz help me as I am I Hyderabad I cant go out so often as I have responsabality of small kids .plz give me a dite which can help me .hope I will get your reply.

Life Positive

Please contact Dr Biswaroop. He will guide you. All the best.

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Eva Davenport

I have been praying and seeking an answer for myself and others. I have watched my family , friends and neighbors die from heart disease , cancer etc. In my investigation I have discovered that they are also spraying us with chemtrails to cause these things . Your video was the best one I have seen only for showing the real cause but also an inexpensive cure that is readily available. Thank you , Thank You. I will be taking the cure for diabetes and sharing it with my neighbors. Yours Sincerely Eva Davenport.

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I have type 2 diabetes I am desperate to cure my self I would to have the recipe to cure diabetes in 72 hours. Yours sincerely Prezzley.

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I must appreciate your efforts sir. My question is : is milk harmful for infants and toddlers also. Should we follow similar diet plan for growing kids?

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i want to meet dr. biswaroop for getting a personalized diet plan for my ailments.. i also want to attend the seminar for diabetics...kindly arrange for appointment.

Life Positive

Please get in touch with him see the details on https://www.biswaroop.com/

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Murali b m

I am diabetec plesae give the diet chart

Ramesh A Vartak

I am diabetic since 1995, and am now on injuctions, I would be interested in Having an appointment with the Doctor when he is in Mumbai

Life Positive

Please contact the doctor.

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hamir kaur

Hi dr wiswaroop my wife has knee pain Dr say have to replace the knee please let me know if you are able to do something thanks

Life Positive

You need to contact the doctor directly.

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kindly give the diet chart.I am a diabetic

Life Positive

Please speak to the doctor, Sir

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