Technology of Spirituality

By Life Positive

August 2012

Anteras is the 15th brightest star in the sky, but the Aryans called it ?Jyeshtha? or the eldest star, thousands of year ago.

Khurshed Batliwala: spirituality through science
It is because the star is 40,000 times bigger than the sun. This knowledge was known to our ancestors when there were no telescopes, or observatories to determine such facts.? This and several other gems from ancient Hindu civilisation were revealed by Khurshed Batliwada to young students in his special class called Technology of Spirituality which has been going on sporadically since 2011.

When Khurshed Batliwala, director, World Alliance for Youth Empowerment of Art of Living foundation, delivered a talk in Ruia College, in 2011, little did he know that the video would become so popular as to have as many as one lakh hits in one year. Not only that, it would also get translated in several languages as well.

Enthused by the response, he is planning to start a full-length motion picture on the conjunction between science and spirituality.

?Everybody feels that spirituality is too mystical and other worldly to understand. However, spirituality is very scientific. If you practice certain rules and rituals in a particular sequence, they yield particular results, just like a scientific experiment. So, it is repeatable, universal and it gives the same result. Technology of Spirituality talks about understanding and tapping spirituality for personal benefit,? says Khurshed.

With a Masters in mathematics from the Indian Institute of Technology, becoming an Art Of Living teacher might have been an unconventional career choice, but Khurshed Batliwala says, ?It was better to teach people meditation and make them happy rather than teach them mathematics and make them miserable.?

He adds, ?The youth tend to think that spirituality is not scientific whereas in India, spirituality and science were never at loggerheads. In fact, all our scientists were saints. By using the power of their mind, they could calculate and invent unimaginable things for that time and age. One such is the rust-proof iron pillar standing in New Delhi. This iron pillar, made thousands of years ago, refuses to rust despite Delhi's weather and pollution! The technology of that period cannot be repeated even today. This was achieved by delving deep into the secrets of the universe through meditation.?

At a time when all branches of life are drawing near, any effort to bring together science and spirituality is laudable, especially when approached in such an engaging and interesting manner.

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Vaibhav Tripathi

It is a wonderful post about the magical instructor. Can we get the syllabus changed in schools and colleges. Giving efficient teaching is more important than giving the RATTAFY classes. And yes in his way of explaining there was no efficiency.

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P.Madhav Rao

Infact nothing can be added to 'four' to get 13 mathematically. Anyway, the approach and the hope created by the author that we can find one uniting factor in India , especially in these days of division and intolerence,which is the need of the hour,in the form of "discover our nation's ancient glory and concept of yoga". Intensely interested to associate.

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Sanjay Kumar Jha

Excellent looking forward to : Enthused by the response, he is planning to start a full-length motion picture on the conjunction between science and spirituality. " All the best.

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Amazing Truths!
Great Work!

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