The amazing journey of Rajan Sankaran .....

By Jayesh Parikh

 This is the story of how Rajan Sankaran learnt about ethics, love, friendship, passion, values and being human through his life journey.

With  'Dog, Yogi, Banyan Tree'  there  is   a move to a different genre of writing from his other numerous publications that focus on his profession and  passion - homeopathy.Rajan Sankaran's  latest  book,  'Dog, Yogi, Banyan Tree' offers  us  a  series  of vignettes that describe meetings   with  various people and a wide range of situations on this journey. Beginning with his formative years  with  his  father,  he  shares  with us his close relationships  and interactions with   teachers,  friends,  gurus, patients and colleagues.

The book takes us on a journey, in which the deeper you go, the closer you get to the roots of his experiential and deeply philosophical  thinking, and  of course, we learn about his indefatigable research into his world of homeopathy.

‘If you are open to learn, everyone  and everything becomes your teacher,’ Rajan says. In his own journey he learns about ethics, love, friendship, passion, values, being human  and dealing with  one’s patterns. He reveals and shares  his  own life journey for meaning and spirituality.


'We need to find a way inward where peace and joy really abide, we need to navigate the confusing maze of this alluring but ultimately unsatisfying world,’ he   says. One  of the  most  revealing lessons in this book  is that Rajan’s  teachers  and gurus come from  ‘the most unlikely people or situations, even a dog, or a tree, can be that guide.’ His life  stories  are shared in a truly entertaining  way  and give you an opportunity to feel transformed by the meanings within your own self.

This book awakens you to identify with  similar situations, you may have witnessed in your life !

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About The Author


Rajan  Sankaran  describes  himself   as essentially  ‘lazy and  stupid,’  by  this  he means that ‘a  lazy  person  is  one  who focuses more in life on  being rather than doing. On the other hand, a stupid person is one who begins with no prejudice or knowledge and is willing to observe and experience what actually exists, or what is, without any analysis or labels’.

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