The harbinger of happiness

February 2017

By Shivi Verma

Gods and ascended masters are her intimate friends, and her connection with the Divine flows naturally. Shivi Verma meets Dr Cheryl Dabhi, whose mission is to bring people to God and help them attain moksha


There was something quite unique about her. She very confidently spoke about her self-realisation; something which even the Masters rarely own up. It is considered a big claim. I was curious. So I asked her a few questions. She answered all of them boldly, confidently and very happily. I was impressed. She had the experience. She was spot on. She ticked off all the boxes of a self-realised soul. Her inner space was joyous, big, broad and expansive. And there was no ambiguity at all in her knowledge. She was genuine, authentic, warm, and bursting with life and brio. One could go on talking with her. She told me that she channelled God’s love to hundreds of people every night with tips to realise their dreams, remove blockages and find health, wealth, life- partners and prosperity.When I first met Dr Cheryl Dabhi at a healing event, she was busy channelling God’s love to people around her. She called herself God’s love healing channel. I was drawn to her warm and affectionate voice which brimmed with confidence and a certain spunk.

To know more about her journey I met her up at her 20th floor flat in Versova, a suburb of Mumbai, a couple of days before Diwali. One could get a panoramic view of the ocean and the city from all sides of her penthouse. She had her pet dog with her and she laid out a fairly lavish fare for me. And though the formal interview was yet to begin, it was difficult to pass off anything which she said as small talk. Dr Dabhi was a steady stream of Divine flow.

How did it all begin? Please share your spiritual journey with us.


It is very difficult to pinpoint where and how my journey started. Since childhood I had been having lots of conversations with God. But I thought that it was a normal occurrence. Once in class II some of my classmates were praising America’s scientific progress. I commented that our
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