The harbinger of happiness

February 2017

By Shivi Verma

Gods and ascended masters are her intimate friends, and her connection with the Divine flows naturally. Shivi Verma meets Dr Cheryl Dabhi, whose mission is to bring people to God and help them attain moksha


There was something quite unique about her. She very confidently spoke about her self-realisation; something which even the Masters rarely own up. It is considered a big claim. I was curious. So I asked her a few questions. She answered all of them boldly, confidently and very happily. I was impressed. She had the experience. She was spot on. She ticked off all the boxes of a self-realised soul. Her inner space was joyous, big, broad and expansive. And there was no ambiguity at all in her knowledge. She was genuine, authentic, warm, and bursting with life and brio. One could go on talking with her. She told me that she channelled God’s love to hundreds of people every night with tips to realise their dreams, remove blockages and find health, wealth, life- partners and prosperity.When I first met Dr Cheryl Dabhi at a healing event, she was busy channelling God’s love to people around her. She called herself God’s love healing channel. I was drawn to her warm and affectionate voice which brimmed with confidence and a certain spunk.

To know more about her journey I met her up at her 20th floor flat in Versova, a suburb of Mumbai, a couple of days before Diwali. One could get a panoramic view of the ocean and the city from all sides of her penthouse. She had her pet dog with her and she laid out a fairly lavish fare for me. And though the formal interview was yet to begin, it was difficult to pass off anything which she said as small talk. Dr Dabhi was a steady stream of Divine flow.

How did it all begin? Please share your spiritual journey with us.


It is very difficult to pinpoint where and how my journey started. Since childhood I had been having lots of conversations with God. But I thought that it was a normal occurrence. Once in class II some of my classmates were praising America’s scientific progress. I commented that our Indian rishis and munis of yore were far more advanced. They could simply meditate on a rose, ask it to reveal its characteristics and the rose would do it. My friends laughed uproariously. How was it possible for a rose to talk? Their reaction made me realise that I was saying something unbelievable.  Even when I was a little girl, I used to write small postcards to God, to my mother’s amusement.

I am a Christian by birth so Christianity comes easily to me. When I was in class V, I spotted a small Aum symbol in my trinket box. I did not like it so I removed it and kept it on a window sill. A voice which I felt was Christ’s said, “How would you feel if I insulted your friends? Would you like it?” I said, “No.” He said, “All gods, such as Ganesha symbolised by Aum, are my friends and I don’t like it if they are disregarded. We are all best friends over here.” I immediately put the Aum symbol back in my box. At that moment I saw Shirdi Sai Baba, Lord Ganesha, Lord Shiva, Ma Durga, Jesus and Mother Mary all of them together. After that I stopped discriminating between one god and another. Rather, I developed a huge fondness for Ma Durga and began observing the Navratris.

Interesting. You were the chosen one since birth.

I don’t know but I have had glimpses of my life as a sage in many lifetimes. I had a strong urge to help, to heal, to know, to find the answers, and to find the truth. Such divine encounters used to leave me gasping for more. In the meantime I got married in 2005. Though a Christian, my husband has a deep connection with Lord Shiva. After marriage I explored healing modalities like reiki, vaastu, pranic healing for around eight years in an attempt to come closer to the truth but they left me spiritually frustrated instead. I had a natural ability to connect to ascended souls and masters, which unfortunately I did not know was a unique gift. While treating clients I could easily connect to the ascended masters, saints, or Jesus Christ. In 2011, I had a client who was not open to any modality due to her difficult family circumstances, but she needed help badly. I asked God what I could do for her. Instantly, in a flow I got a long message in the form of a love prayer and a technique. I applied the technique and the life of my client began to change within a week’s time. Her family became amicable to her. Another client wanted to marry a person of her choice but her father was against it. Through the love prayer procedure the hurdles got removed, she easily got married to him and her parents found a son in their son-in-law.  Many such life-changing incidents followed.

Do you talk to God through meditation or is there any other technique?

My conversations with God have been very natural and spontaneous. With no effort to meditate at all. Even when I am angry God speaks to me. I remember once I was very agitated by Diwali crackers. I complained to God about people’s apathy towards the pain felt by Mother Earth and her children because of the noise and pollution. Just then God said, “Look up.” I refused, because I was overwhelmed with emotion. Again God said, “Please look up.” As I looked up, I saw the night sky light up in a pageantry of bright colourful fountain fireworks for 10 long minutes. It was a breathtaking sight. I was spellbound. Then God continued, “Why do you forget that I am God? All this pollution is nothing. I can clear it up with a snap of the finger. But for me your smile is more important. Always remember, if you smile once I smile four times, if there is a tear in your one eye, I have tears in my four eyes.” This was a huge declaration for me. Since then I promised not to be sad anymore. These and many such experiences kept on happening to me.

Even though you enjoyed such closeness with God, you were still not enlightened?

Yes. True. There was some hollow in my heart, which was not getting filled. In pursuit of answers, I came across a Chinese Master who proclaimed to heal the soul of karmic bondages. His course fee runs into several lakhs, and since I had no option I enrolled in his course to make me a spiritual channel. The master talked about bad karma, spiritual limitations and forgiveness practises imparted in the form of a forgiveness prayer. In it we seek forgiveness from others for the pain we might have caused them.

As the course progressed, I understood spiritual terminologies, read the Akashic records, discovered my divine self, realised that my heart chakra was already open, and  that I received messages from all saints, ascended masters, and even from nonliving things without receiving any training. If a certain thing gets lost, I simply ask, ‘where are you?’ and it tells me. But all these are just energetic abilities, it is not enlightenment.  This is the mere start of the spiritual journey.

How is it possible to get messages from non-living things?

See everything you buy or possess has a connection with you. When it was made, at that time itself it was decided as to who would buy it, own it, or use it. Therefore, things also have a sense of relationship with you. For example, suppose you and your neighbour were to buy the exact same set of tableware. After some days some of her plates and cups end up in your kitchen. Would you be able to distinguish yours from hers?


How is that possible? Because what you own and use also begins to vibrate with you, and develops a certain form of identification with you. Therefore you can immediately spot your things from the belongings of others. Only difference is that I am aware of this fact while others are not. So when you are aware, you are in tune with your possessions and they can hear and respond to you. If you lose things it is because somewhere you know that they will go. Make a one-time, lifetime command, “Everything that I buy and own will stay with me till the time I ask them to go.” And you will never lose them henceforth.

Wonderful. But how did you get enlightened then?

It is a journey. In one of the distant learning sessions with the Chinese Master, we had to practice connecting with our spiritual parents. I was thrilled beyond measure. I remember sitting before my computer at home and getting absorbed into the fourth or fifth dimension (non-physical). I asked, ‘Who is my spiritual father?’ Many lights came and I recognised Jesus. I was in tears of gratitude, love, happiness. I then asked, ‘Who is my spiritual mother?’ Again, a train of lights passed and I saw Mary Magdalene. I felt I was meeting them after so long. I asked if I was on the right path by pursuing this course with this particular Chinese master. Jesus said “No.” I saw Mary Magdalene nudging him and stating, “She will come about it.” I was shocked. I had already paid Rs 2.5 lakh and my father says that it was not good!

And then the Chinese master started selling moksha for Rs 2.5 lakh. That triggered me. I got so angry. I asked a friend what the master meant by moksha? She said, moksha meant one would not be reborn. I asked, ‘Are you sure? And what if I take rebirth? Who will return my 2.5 lakh rupees?’ My friend informed me that one of his disciples who had bought moksha had died , and his soul had communicated that he wanted to take rebirth because he wanted to serve. I asked, ‘Whatever happened to the moksha for which he paid 2.5 lakh rupees?’ I was very angry and upset and in my frustration, said to God, “I want moksha now, and I don’t want to die after it. I want to live after moksha. Otherwise, how does it matter?” At that point I went out into an unknown dimension.  I don’t remember any moment after that. I didn’t know where I was. I simply remember having uncontrolled tears of happiness and bliss, dancing in the house, sometimes writing, sometimes here, sometimes there and I was not alone. I was with God, talking all the time. And I asked him everything I could. I asked God why He did not give me the forgiveness prayer which he had given to the master along with the love prayer? Then God replied, ‘There is no need of forgiveness since there is no bad karma.’ I was astounded.  I said, ‘How?’

What did God say?

God said, ‘There is no bad karma because all the pain you receive from someone is the trigger for your growth. For example, if you hadn’t been hurt or humiliated by someone, would you have bothered to prove your mettle in the world? So the one hurting you is your spiritual friend, your soulmate. So many people owe their growth to difficult people. So tell me is it good or bad?’ And then he began teaching me. I was taught how to connect people to God. Plenty of work was done on me. And I was surprised because I didn’t even consider myself worthy. I carried the belief that such divine teachings were imparted to men alone. It took me sometime to realise that something was there in me so I should stop doubting myself. I realised what Mary Magdalene had meant when she said, ‘She will come about it on her own.’ I accepted God’s will and said YES to Him.

What kind of work was done on you?

During this phase of continuous trance, God opened my third eye, activated my golden DNA, did karmic clearing where loads of bondages were removed. There was a shift in my thinking. I was given the knowledge of samadhi, moksha, karma, spiritual accountancy, and what not. Plenty of unimaginable techniques like soul blueprint reprogramming, DNA activation, permanent shielding, and God frequency healing were given to me. But the main thing was that I was one with God. I had got moksha, and I was alive. After enlightenment in 2013, I had forgotten all the previously acquired knowledge, all the chants, all the religious understandings, even Jesus and Shiva. I knew just the One, God, the Source, the Niraakar Bhagwan. I would look at Jesus’s picture and not recognise him. I was only with God. Once I saw Jesus’s picture, and was struck with shock and remorse. How could I forget my own spiritual father, Jesus Christ? I felt so guilty. But Jesus asked me to cool down. He said that I had made him happy and proud, ‘My life purpose is to take you to God. And because you went to God, my life purpose is fulfilled,’ he said. So the moment you let go of the guru, you merge with God. Therefore I tell people not to make me their guru.

Can you shed some light on what moksha and accountancy of spirituality mean to you?

Generally, we think that moksha is a time when our karmic balance has become zero. When you don’t have any desires left. But actual moksha is loving God. In it your connection with the Divine is so strong that nothing matters. Like Mirabai. If she was in the palace she didn’t care. If she was on the roads she was happy. In moksha you are happy with everything that God serves you. Such is your high state and divine connection. In spiritual accountancy when somebody slaps you or hurts you, they are actually giving you a lot of their own good karma. Though we criticise fundamentalists or bullies, in the spiritual world they are giving you loads and loads of punya (spiritual potential). The moment you are sorrowful due to someone, or a situation, automatically spiritual money gets transferred to your account. It is the law of the spiritual world. If I hurt you I actually transfer my punya in your account. Because it is helping you evolve. For you to evolve you need that punya in your account. Similarly, if someone treats you well, you transfer your punya into his account.

So what is enlightenment then?

It is the realisation that I was never separate from God. That my eyes were closed but not His. I am loved, and will be loved forever, and nothing can change this. Nothing.

Are there many levels of enlightenment? Or is there only one?

There is only one level of enlightenment, But there are phases. Which are mostly from our side, not God’s side. First is the phase of non-doubting, then accepting, and later strengthening. It may take time for many enlightened people to accept that they are enlightened, but once they accept, their life changes drastically, they start living in alignment with their soul purpose.

If you are enlightened then you know that whatever has to happen is happening. Then why do you offer people so many solutions?

Whatever suffering a person is going through is because of his soul’s choices, and how he programmed himself before birth to complete his karmic account.  Now you might have programmed yourself to undergo suffering. Since it’s your choice, God does not stop you. But like any parent God wants us to be happy, because if you are happy, He is happy. I realised that God is always there, it’s just that we are shying away from him. We get so engrossed in our own problems, that we lose faith in solutions.  But the moment we ask for a solution He is more than happy to help and difficult situations ease-out in unimaginable ways.

What do you do to help people?

I channel God Frequency healing to all those who ask for it. I do God frequency shielding, DNA activations of people to activate their real selves. I rewrite the soul programmes of finances, relationships, health and much more.

What is your soul purpose?

To connect people to God, lead them to moksha and samaadhi. The state of Divine Oneness that I have become, is what I want to share with all.

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