The only thing we need to deal with is ourselves

By Puneeta

When life seems challenging due to a relationship, career or health etc. we often resort to finding whom to blame or what’s the reason outside of ourself. The real reason and answer is all within us, if we are willing to look at ourselves more deeply.

"Knowing yourself is the beginning of Wisdom" - Aristotle. Looking at ourselves requires great will and patience, and this process starts only when our Ego can be put aside and our connect with our Spirit takes over. Our conditioning by the Ego has always been to fetch out, as there are so many distractions in the world and that always seems the easy way out.

As we become more aware of this process, our healing starts at a very deep level which results in transforming us to the person we were always meant to be. We start embracing our dark sides as well and start reflecting on how to shift, wherein our Spirit plays a very key role in the journey.

As an example – if someone is always able to make you angry then it is not the fault of the other, it is an energy we carry and the person is just triggering so we can face it. But our ego will always make us blame another and hold grudges all our life, which will never lead us to peace. Whereas, the moment we shift the focus to ourselves and start inner work, we become more at peace and start the forgiveness instead. This is not just theraupetic, but leads to great transformation in our inner state, which can be life changing at times.

As we keep shifting our perspective from “outside” to “inside”, we start getting closer to our true self and start shifting our perspective to realise who we truly are. Hence, everytime we are faced with a difficult situation and finding no resolution around it, the best place to look at is within oneself as all answers are there…..always.

Puneeta Puri

Spiritual Life Coach


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