The Shadow and the Light

By Pulkit Sharma

May 2017

By Pulkit Sharma

Pulkit Sharma offers four techniques with which to combat the onslaught of negativity upon our being, and rest secure in the positive

it is not easy to live in today's times because negativity presses upon us from all sides. The relentless speed of modern times coupled with the rapid rate of obsolescence is a huge source of stress as we struggle and strive to stay abreast of trends. The spiralling rise of consumerism has brought with it envy, heart-ache, greed, competitiveness and environmental degradation. Terrorism is on the rise, mindless violence against women and children have increased alarmingly, and the politics of hate seems to have spread across the planet. But none of this is cause for despair, for each of us is equipped with a psychic armoury that can help us to combat the darkness and let in the light. According to Sri Aurobindoand The Mother, the founders of Integral Yoga, the adverse forces confronting humanity are nothing but a shadow that augur the presence of a powerful light _ our own inner divinity.

In the epic poem, Savitri, Sri Aurobindo explains that adverse forces and pain are also a creation of the Divine. If there was no pain, we would be comfortably caught up in inertia. Only pain forces us to question various illusions and seek truth. Instead of being perturbed by adverse forces we need to align all our energy to invoke and manifest the Divine light at an individual and collective level. This may seem a daunting task but Integral Yoga offers us four simple and powerful self-transforming techniques to accomplish this:

1.Allow the ‘psychic being’ to lead

Our self is multi-layered and consists of the following parts _ the physical (body), the vital (all our emotions, passions and desires), the mental (higher reasoning and cognitive capacity) and the psychic being (the dynamic representation of the soul or the Divine element within us). We lack complete awareness of our self and as a result these different parts are not unified and often get trapped in conflict. The vital is egoistic and carries a false sense of separateness. It has a lot of energy, and is extremely sensitive to pleasure and pain. Therefore, it cleverly manages to ignore the voice of the psychic and influences the mind and the body to work according to its wishes. As a result, the vital surrenders to all adverse forces coming from within and outside the individual. Sri Aurobindo believed that a genuine
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