About Er. Anup Bagla

Anup has always been a truth-seeker, a spiritual seeker and has been working on various meditations and other modalities to expand and rise in consciousness, the latest being MOG (Magic of Gratitude) from SSY.

Prior to this, he has been meditating Lord Buddha's Vipassana meditation in the tradition of S.N.Goenkaji and Siyaji U Ba Khin since 1990. Also, he is a Reiki level 2 certified.

In addition, he has practiced 15 days Yoga training program from Vivekananda Kendra (sYASA, Bangalore) several times and many other modalities like Sahaj Marg of Ram Chandra Mission, Sahaj Yoga, Art Of Living workshops of Happiness living, Tej Gyan, SSY, TM of Maharshi Mahesh Yogi and many others spiritual traditions. He has successfully attended/completed 2 months Diploma/Certificate course on Yoga-Vedanta from Divine Life Society, Rishikesh.

 Anup has always tried to live life in proximity to the spirit and in tandem with natural principles & laws of nature/Universe as far as possible and suggests others also to do so so that they can live in harmony & balance. He has been a life subscriber of Life Positive magazine since it's inception in 1996 from founding-editor, Parveen Chopra's time and always tried his level best to live a life of positivity, simplicity, truth-honesty & integrity to the extent possible.


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