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Your humble light guides you right.
You must have heard various interpretations about what an angel is like and you must be fascinated to know that they do exist, no it's not just another opinion, it's a specific feeling that has been discerned through innocent faith
When I was a kid- naughty and full of wit, I appreciated the divine realm unknowingly through my hidden instincts of cherishing  the mystery of the universe and when I grew up I understood that compassion is the true wisdom and also I got the feel that I'm guided, I'm connected and I'm faithful and loving towards almighty and through this I'm in love with everything that the lord owns and one of them can be categorised as angels.

I cannot define an angel because I feel it would be unfair to limit the flow of the word itself, angels are kind and selfless and they not only own such qualities but they are themselves the quality and that's why when someone does something good we call them angelic. If you create a source of connection with the angels through some good things you possess like faith, or a need to understand the mystics or just be cool enough to not be dependent but simply protected by the humble light,you are doing the best because then your life will be miraculous and you will be blessed. Problems will be there but you'll be resilient and blessed.
I am an angel card reader, a tarot reader and a numerologist and for this I'm thankful to my angels who have shown me the fruitful clues that assure me of their presence.

Surrender 🌻
Faith πŸ’«


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