About Dr. Nisha Shharma

Dr Nisha Shharma is the CEO of AstroRiver, a premium online Motivational & Astrological Services/Product portal. She is the founder of Astro Jewels which offers a unique and exclusive range of Astrological Jewellery.

She is also a Tarot Reader, Vedic Astrologer, Clairvoyant and Numerologist from India with an experience of over 10+ years in the field of professional consulting. lt is her natural intuitive abilities which were recognized by her near and dear ones that motivated her to pursue her studies in Tarot, Numerology and subsequently Vedic Astrology. Her relationship with the 'Tarot' began from a very early age and her interest extended to Vedic Astrology too. Having a researcher's mindset, she began to probe and study various complex studies in astrology and started applying them to the practical life readings at a very young age.


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