About Mrs. Babbu gill

Heal Your Life facilitator Babbu Gill will gently lead participants from pain to healing and empowerment, using the module created by the late Louise L Hay, world-famous author of You Can Heal Your Life.
A courageous lady, who has seen many of life’s upheavals, Babbu Gill, an internationally certified and licensed global Heal Your Life teacher and mentor, walks the path of loveby radiating peace and calm and nurturing and nourishing her clients. In her workshop, Gill will help the delegates heal themselves by enabling them to connect with their inner Self and move beyond their limiting beliefs and thinking patterns. In her loving presence, people blossom emotionally, mentally, and physically. She will employ the teachings and wisdom gained from various Masters and teachers she has trained with worldwide and her own meditative insights, to help people recognise their magnificence and expand their consciousness. She believes love is the greatest healer and forgiveness, the only pathway to prosperity in any given area of life. Come, let’s fall in love with ourselves again.


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