About Mrs. Binita Rege

Binita Rege is a Certified Tarot Reader and Coach. She is a Tarot mentor with The International Tarot Foundation and a certified Switch Words practitioner. A Yoga enthusiast, Binita is also a crystal lover and a Life Skill coach in the making.

Being intrigued by Divination and Mysticism since she was very young, she was drawn to the Tarot.  Binita learned reading cards in 2007 and since then she has never put them down. Tarot cards have been her constant companions. Over the years, she has added other divination tools to her successful tarot practice and tries to make her readings deeper and meaningful for her querents.
For her, Tarot reading is not only a fortune-telling tool but is a path to self-awareness, self-growth, manifestation, and above all, a guide to help us lead a fulfilling life.

The most special quality about her tarot reading is that she channels intuitive messages. She believes in empowering her querents through her in-depth tarot readings and advocates that Tarot should illuminate the path for us, but never tell us which path to walk or how to walk it. She also stands by the belief that 'there is always a choice in any given life situation'. Her Tarot readings help in identifying these opportunities and working around them for the greater good of all.
Binita wishes for every one of us to make use of this wonderful gift the Universe has to offer.
She coaches foundation as well as advanced tarot courses. Other courses available with her are Switch Words and Dice divination.

Services provided

1. Tarot reading 30 min cost 1,200/-
2. Tarot reading with remedies 45 min. Cost 1,800/-
3. Yearly or birthday forcast (via mail) cost 2,500/-

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  • Tarot Card Reading 1200
  • Wellbeing Consultant 1800
  • Health and wellness Coaching 2500

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