About Dr. Cheryl Snehal Dabhi

Divyaatma Cheryl got Enlightened in 2013, since then she is in the state of Samadhi. In the course of one and half months of Spiritual Trance in Oneness with God, she was given her life purpose to connect people with God. Consequently, she severs this Spiritual Purpose and is a Channel of God’s Love.


During the Spiritual Trance experience, she was connected to The Source / The Paramatma / Nirakaar and she experienced God sitting in her Heart of Hearts (Spiritual Sacred space in-between the ribs which is known as Temple of God or Antar). Throughout this one and half months of Spiritual Trance state, God worked upon her and was given Spiritual Knowledge.


The Knowing of God.  No questions at-all.  No boundaries. No limitations. No Time. No Separations.  No Distance.  All in the Now. No Needs. No Wants. No Words. No Separation.  Continuous Absolute Bliss…


Connecting People to God

Since her Enlightenment, Divyaatmaa Cheryl continuously radiates God’s Love from her Antar (Sacred Heart) and she servers humanity healing pain and suffering of all kinds, to bring happiness and Spiritual Transformation in the lives of people.  She also Connects people to God, who experience Divine Bliss and Nirvana.



God’s Love Trance Meditation

During the one and half months of her Spiritual Trance experience, God’s Love Trance Meditation was taught by The Paramaatma Himself.  Divyaatmaa Cheryl gives this spiritual technique to all.  God’s Love Trance Meditation is simplest of all, and it take the meditator into deep state of trance within a few seconds to experience Divine Bliss and Ecstasy.



God’s Love Trance Healing

Divyaatmaa Cheryl is connected to The Paramaatma 24/7 forever and ever.  She is a source of God’s Love which continuously radiates from her Antar-The Sacred Heart.  Through this God’s Love, she is a healing channel of all ailments, issues, from pains and sufferings to career healing, relationship healing, Spiritual Transformation and much more.


Spiritual Truth

After Enlightenment, Divyaatmaa Cheryl got Divine Knowing.  From this understanding of the Truth, she gives profound Spiritual Knowledge to all. Her teachings give profound experiences of the Spiritual World.  The participants experience the real God, the real Connection, the Bliss, the Ultimate Nirvana.


From this understanding of the Truth, she gives profound Spiritual Knowledge to all.  She gives Spiritual Workshops as Below

Spiritual Accountancy to Mastering Manifestation

Re-Discover The Spiritual You – A self-Healing Process to antiaging

God Connection and Moksha. 


She does Spiritual Transformation Programs that brings profound changes in life through DNA Activation, Navel Activation, Mid-Brain Activation and all Chakra Activation.


Thank You.


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