About Ms. Deepa Ramaraj

Deepa Ramaraj is a Life Transformation Coach. She coaches individuals, CEOs, CXOs, executives on areas such as leadership, profitability, improving personal finances, relationships, physical, emotional and mental well-being. She has extensive experience in this area and has attended tranings in USA and Europe to certify herself in advanced techniques. In addtion, she attends several advanced courses every year to keep herself updated with the latest and to offer the very best to her clients

Deepa uses a set of tools that directly work on the mind to remove all sorts of barriers to success.

She has helped thousands of people to de-stress and move out of areas that were limiting them to greater possibilities.

Some examples of changes:

- People In Jobs

Professionals have moved to jobs of greater interest with increased income, others have taken current job roles to greater heights with increase in creativity

- Business: 

Business entrepreneurs have received increased revenues, new fresh ideas on how to expand business. Some entrepreneurs have also received investments into their business 

- Home Makers 

Home-makers tend to take care of the home, family members and often tend to neglect themselves. The tools from Deepa's sessions and group workshops have helped home makers destress and get to allow themselves to relax and allow greater fun into their lives

- Students

Many parents have learnt several tools from Deepa's workshops and have used these tools successfully on themselves and their children, and the children in turn have de-stressed and done better in life and in exams too

- Relationships

Deepa believes that as indiciduals, a home maker or a person who has a career or a business, we the same person who may have a relationship issue with another person or with the body. She believes in a holistic approach to life. 

- Health and Happiness: 

Deepa's personalised sessions and group work have helped a lot of home-makers, professional men and women, business entrepreneurs to de-stress and create a life of greater ease. In their journey towards greater ease, people have healed from diabetes, varicose veins, body pains, depression, panic attacks, excessive anger, past trauma

- Self Confidence and Performance Growth

Deepa works with adults and children to boost self-confidence, this in turn contributes to greater performance in several ar4eas of life

Deepa is the co-author of Amazon International Best Seller book ‘Earth Healing’ and also co-author for Super Power Women. She is a Computer Science Engineer, worked in the IT Industry in India and Singapore. Her last job was in a multinational company as a Program Manager. She is now committed to changing the lives of people who would like to allow infinite possibilities into their lives. 


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