About Dr. Amit Sabharwall ( Phd Hon)

Dr Amit (Phd-Hon) (Michael) Born in a Hindu family. Dr Amit (Phd-Hon) channels with Archangel Michael which is why his friends and clients address him as “Michael“. After he lost his father in the year 2007, Dr Amit (Phd-Hon) (Michael) the healing name taken after his Guardian Angel Arch Angel Michael. One fine day he had a lovely encounter with his Spirit guides who guided him to connect to the Angelic World and to help people around him.

Angel Healer & Coach , Reiki Healer & Coach , Angel Oracle Cards Reader, Relationship Guidance Healing ,Karmic Release With Angels,Manifestation With Angels ,Past Life Regression With The Angels ,Present Life Progression ,Future Life Progression ,Soul Integration ,Emotional Freedom Technique ,Clinical Hypnotherapy ,Relationship Coach

Interspecies Telepathic Communication ,Akashic Tarot Card Reading ,Soul Integration,

Dr Amit (Phd-Hon) (Michael) is a Clairvoyant, Clairaudience, Claircognizant, Clairsentient, Inter-species Communicator [Telepathically Communicates with Humans, Animals, Plants, Nature, Water, Spirit World]

Having spent 26 years in the corporate world at helm of affairs, the calling came to help people, and as the spirituality ran in his blood, eventually to answer his true calling, he left the corporate world and learnt several sacred healing modalities through various Masters in India and abroad.

He trained himself in Reiki and became a Reiki Master Teacher and has the lineage of world renowned Reiki Grandmaster Mr. William Lee Rand, U.S.A. Michigan, E.F.T (Emotional Freedom Technique) by Dr. Paula Horan U.S.A- Clinical Hypnotherapist by EKAA Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy Foundation- Angel Healing & Angel Tarot Cards by Great Masters. Through meditation, he connects beautifully with the Angelic realm.

Apart from holistic healing, he is a motivational speaker, and best spiritual healer in Delhi and also conducts corporate workshops for team building and also practices Chakra Balancing which is the most important aspect for a human to live happily in this life time, also clearing & balancing the energies of home you live in and the place of your work (office) or factories.

Dr Amit (Phd-Hon) [Michael] has developed combined [REIKI +EFT + ANGEL HEALING Techniques™+Interspecies Telepathic Communication] the combination of all four has produced excellent results for his clients and they have experienced a refreshing, happy & blessed lifestyle.

A corporate trainer, Motivational speaker, and a Clairvoyant, Clairaudience, Clair cognizant, Clairsentient.                                                  

Dr Amit (Phd-Hon)  [Michael] has a very deep connection with Arch Angel Michael who always guides him and channels him during his healing sessions.

He always conducts his sessions by putting his faith in the universal life force energy. According to him REIKI + EFT + ANGEL HEALING is about love and light. The universe takes care of you, once you open your eyes to see the unseen. There only a handful of 5 to 6 practitioners in India using combined and refined technique. Not only that, he does angel readings to understand and connects to core issues, he also conducts sessions for past-life regression, future-life progressions, team building and other dimensional projections. Also teaching REIKI, EFT, Angel Healings, Pendulum Dowsing to common people thus making more healers. Now, he Channels guidance to people across the globe for any issue related not only to this life cycle but also to past lives and guides his clients dedicatedly, with love and passion.

Resolves issue related to :-Health * Wealth * Career * Financial Blockage * Educational Roadblocks * Stability Issues *Emotional Stress * Depression * Family issues * Marital life issues * Childhood Issues * Spiritual Connection * Peace of mind * Past Lives * Known & Unknown Fear’s & Phobias *Anxiety * Depression * Trauma * Anger Management * Team Management * Addictions * Allergies * Healing of Mind Body & Soul * Pain Management * Issues related to Low Confidence * Hypertension * Sleeping disorders etc.

He also gives his clients an affirmation at the end of the Reading which promotes healing and brings tangible improvements in their lives. He has co-founded AngelshealU. His mission in life is to create healers across the globe: “It’s always better to have a member in a family who is a healer and can help you and in long way, thus reducing dependency on external healers.” 

The courses that we provide are as follows:-

Reiki Healing & Teaching , EFT Healing & Teaching, Angle Healing & Teaching ,Angel Card Reading & Teaching ,Pendulum Dowsing Healing & Teaching ,Some of the brief Healing sessions are as follows:-Diagnosis of Issues ,Etheric cord-cutting ,Usui Reiki Healing -21 minutes,E.F.T (Emotional Freedom Technique) Healing,Angel Chakra Cleansing & Balancing ,Angel Reiki Healing & Balancing,Angel Oracle Card Readings,Connect with Angles / Arch Angles,Pendulum Dowsing Session,Meditations with Arch Angles and Angels ,Meditations with Angels to resolve issues ,Meditations to remove bottlenecks and issues from life and past lives.,Manifestation with Angels Past Life Regression with Angels ,Karmic Releasing with Angels,Energising Salt / Water /Incense / Essential oils /Food ,Cleansing Correcting and Healing HOME Energies- Home Visit Cleansing Correcting and Healing OFFICE Energies-Office /Factory Visit.



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