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Dr.Shalini’s The Specialists Clinic is owned & handled by Dr Shalini. Dr Shalini is a Gold Medalist and possesses a great experience in the field of treatment through Homeopathy. She is a leading Homeopathy Practitioner based in Delhi NCR. She is practising homoeopathy for the past 16 years and recognizes for her cures in Female, skin, child & other health disorders. Her approach and simplicity make her an acclaimed doctor. Dr.Shalini stands as the best service provider with access to the finest and affordable medical care facilities, enabling people to obtain the best possible medical care whenever and wherever required. The mission is to provide quality and excellence to the customers promptly and exclusively. The clinic also arranges medical services to patients who cannot visit the clinic. This facility is primarily for older patients or out of station patients through courier service. The professional treatment of Dr.Shalini brings her a unique set of experience, adding more value to her professional career. In a word, excellent. That’s how we describe the treatment at Dr Shalini’s clinic.


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