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Ms. Gunjan Arya is a Counselling Psychologist and Founder of Psych Therapy. She works with clients of all ages, primarily supporting young adults as they navigate the emotional ups and downs of major life transit, providing evidence-based care for a range of challenges, including anxiety, stress and depression. She specializes in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and her approach to therapy is based on the T.E.A.M.-CBT model developed by Dr. David Burns at Stanford University School of Medicine who is also the author of Feeling Good, which has sold over four million copies.

In addition to weekly individual sessions, Gunjan also offers intensive therapy, providing large amount of treatment hours over a short period of time to provide targeted care to resolve symptoms faster. While clients often come in seeking support around one specific challenge, such as stress management, depression, loneliness, or grief, Ms. Gunjan Arya makes space for the wholeness of each individual, helping them to improve interpersonal skills and develop more meaningful relationships.

She has received her Masters in Counselling Psychology degree and also completed T.E.A.M CBT Level-2 from Feeling Good Institute, California. She is also certfied in Client -Centered Therapy and Advanced Child Counselling techniques. Ms. Gunjan Arya offers online as well as offline therapy practice to help make therapy more accessible


  • Counseling therapy 1500
  • Psychotherapy 1500/Session

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