About Mrs. Gurnaam Kaur

SCHH Practitioner

Gurnam kaur has always been interested in all things spiritual! She has learned many modalities like reiki, pranic healing, Bach remedies etc. . But she found her calling in SCHH that is soul centre healing hypnosis.

What is SCHH?

It is soul centre healing hypnosis. We can do these things with SCHH 

. Clear energetic attachments or parasatic energies or earthbound spirits from your body and energy field and even from your home. 

. Experience Quantum travel  (Past life regression )

. Connect with your higher self for healing and ask any questions you want to. 

. Release trapped and blocked energy and density from this lifetime and past lifetimes. 

. Receive powerful healing energies and frequencies for physical and emotional healing. 

. Send healing energy to a friend or a loved one by connecting with their guides and higher self. 

. Receive a message from or connect with a loved one or pet who has crossed over  (died ).

Sessions are conducted online through zoom in English and Hindi. 

Duration of session :3.5 to 4 hrs , which includes 

Pre session chat -3.5 to 4 hrs 

Past life regression and higher self questions -2 to 2.5 hours 

Post session chat -15 mins 


Email :kaurgurnam76@gmail.com 

WhatsApp :8238348934 


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