About Mrs. Jaya Nair

Jaya Nair is a Life Coach with rich counselling and behavioural skills training. Her corporate exposure spanning 30 years and especially as HR professional with Siemens Information Systems Ltd., has helped her to focus on the ‘Human behind the role’. It encouraged her to probe into the dynamics behind thought patterns, perceptions, fears and its influence on emotions, behaviour and performance. Jaya, through practical experience, has confirmed her strong belief that every individual has unique strengths and amazing capacities to endure, learn, and grow from life’s many challenges.
She also believes that in order for people to continue to learn about themselves, their thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and actions need to be explored, nurtured, and transformed to lead successful, stress-free, and satisfying lives.
Jaya is a certified counsellor, Energy Healing Practitioner, Hypno and Regression therapist, Access Consciousness Practitioner, Redikall Healing Trainer & Practitioner and Family Constellation practitioner and also practices other modalities like Masters’ Process and Ancestor Healing. She is an experienced Tarot Reader and astrologer, both of which she uses as self-improvement tools for her clients rather than making predictions. She practices sound healing with singing bowls and happy drum. Having worked with energy healing modalities she practices them to transform people to be better versions of themselves. She holds a certificate in Shamanism which she feels is a way of life and not a modality. Sounds of Shiv is a modality with the Sanskrit alphabets and resonating sounds to heal the body and mind she practices. She conducts self-improvement workshops and free sessions on various everyday concerns using her therapeutic skills.
She graduated in Literature from Faridabad University and holds a Certificate in Business Management from I.I.M. Kolkata.

Contact Jaya @ +91 89718 16555
E mail : jaya22@gmail.com
FB : www.facebook.com/Jayas-Insights-108103710673570


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