About Mr. Jed Shlackman

Jed is an experienced and exceptional healer with a wealth of expertise in the holistic healing arts.


  • Hypnotherapy 7000/Session
  • Reiki Healing 7000/Session
  • Regression Therapy 7000/Session
  • PSYCH-K 7000/Session
  • Past Life Regression 7000/Session
  • Pendulum Dowsing 7000/Session
  • Health and wellness Coaching 7000/Session
  • Counseling therapy 7000/Session
  • Chakra Balancing 7000/Session
  • Aura Healing 7000/Session
  • Sound Healing 7000/Session

Mode of Session

  • At centre
  • Long distance
  • Via Skype
  • Online



Call Now

For any issues please contact +919971088870 or +918527622018

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