About Ms. Juthika Dcruz

Juthika Dcruz is a Transpersonal Regression Therapist from the TASSO Institute of Netherlands and a Counselling Psychotherapist from the Hypnotherapy College of Australia.

She is a Master Teacher for Magnified Healing and a Facilitator for Redikall Healing at the Omnipresence Academy of Life.

She is also affiliated to the Diana Cooper School (UK) as a Transform Your Life Coach and A Master Teacher for Angel Therapy.

Juthika is a practitioner of Reiki, Sound Bowl healing, Shaman-ism and Access Bars amongst other things. Her esoteric practices have helped her rise above the mundane and move higher towards her soul-self. Juthika believes that life is beautiful and everyone deserves to be happy. With a special focus on real empwoerment for women, she facilitates the Red Tent movement wherein women are encouraged to explore their inner world, share, heal and rest. This sisterhood movement helps women evolve in terms of intellect, wealth and strength in order to live their purpose in life as a woman. 

As a soulful person, Juthika is a great believer in the balance of the divine feminine and masculine. Towards that endeavour recently, Juthika published her first book which is already a number one bestseller . The book is called Enigma - Untold Secrets About Women's Empowerment and is available on Amazon. 

Moving with the changing times and the earths ascension into a 5D reality, Juthika is also now focusing on mentoring people on how to navigate their selves towards higher levels of consciousness and is passionate about helping people juggle successfully between their physical existence and their metaphysical being and to equip them with the spunk to bring love, joy, peace and abundance into their lives. 




  • Spiritual Practitioner Training 5000/Session
  • Angel Soul Therapist 1000/Session
  • Chakra Balancing 2500/Session
  • Empowerment Programs 2500/Session
  • Hypnotherapy 3000/Session
  • Magnified Healing 2000/Session
  • Past Life Regression 3000/Session
  • Psychotherapy 1000/Session
  • Regression Therapy 3000/Session
  • Reiki Healing 2000/Session
  • Sound Healing 2000/Session
  • Spiritual Counseling 1000/Session
  • Tarot Card Reading 1000/Session
  • Angel Card Reading 1000/Session

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