About Mr. Karan Arora

"As life is a continual growth process, I love the way of developing as a teacher and a healer. This is exponential. To me, it feels like that I have got a fresh life since I opened my scope of living to incorporate the Divine. That is what, I want to distribute to others. I am becoming more and more passionate about it with the passage of time. I want to make corrections in this world regarding belief in spiritual healing. That happens to you and me."- Karan Arora.

Karan is a humanitarian by heart, and his spiritual quest is nothing short of inspiring. Since his childhood, his mind was stuck in the phase of learning the control of inflowing energy, but the work and experience were coming fast along with it. Initially, he was resisting the full expression of his energy, but soon he began to meet new souls, like-minded people and tried to read them. With time, he recognised his life's path and began to channelise it in the direction his heart wanted to go. He started taking lessons on energy healing such as discernment, recognising the truth, not absorbing energy into his body, not taking people’s healing personally, not allowing his ego to lead him. He also became conscious of every happening around himself. It continues to delight him even now. "I am here to guide you in best potential ways regarding teaching (by passing on the best possible knowledge) and by healing (regarding proper guidance). That’s all I will, I do, and I state in all possible ways. I feel proud to have Acharya Arunanand and Sangeeta Di as excellent guides, well-wishers and the great souls in my life." With these words, Karan promises to keep healing the world in whatever ways he can.


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