About Dr. Kirti Bajpai

Kirti Bajpai is a Gurugram based spiritual practitioner. She's always been extremely passionate about using her gifts to spread positivity and happiness to people
She has done her doctorate in Psychology. She has been an educationist and has worked with Delhi Public School Gurugram for the last eleven year's, mentoring parents and students to lead a better life.
She is trained in Counselling Diploma Course, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Cognitive Drill Therapy, Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy and Hypnotherapy. These therapies are appropriate for children, adolescents, adults , families, and couples too. 
She is working as a therapist with United We Care  and Pious Vision app. She take individual sessions  online too.
She was associated with Delhi Covid 19 helpline from 7 April-31 May 2020, where they counseled women, men and children in distress or going through certain emotional or physical abuse.
She was a part of Paras Project project Abhiyaan which was an initiative of Delhi Police.

She has taken responsibility of three juvenile teenager's to consel them to be more responsible and respected people of the society and to help them cope up with the Covid 19 phase. 

She conducted free workshops to help people coping up with the lockdown anxiety. The free workshops were on Fear, Emotional Intelligence and Relationship issues. 

She has been doing volunteer work with SAMARTH, old age home at South city 1 Gurugram and Sudha Se Sudhar NGO.


  • Counseling therapy 1500

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