About Ms. LifePositive Foundation

The Life Positive Foundation, founded in 2005 is a not-for-profit public charitable trust with wide-ranging concerns and interests in the upliftment of society. It was founded with the aim of disseminating holistic information, hands-on healing techniques, and life-transforming tools to the general public to help them experience holistic growth and well-being in their lives. 

Ever since, it has worked tirelessly to create awareness about numerous alternative-healing modalities, like NLP and Theta healing, as well as, ancient Indian holistic traditions like yoga, Ayurveda, mudra science, and acupressure amongst the masses through books, workshops, seminars, and expositions. 

Our objectives 

● To conduct research, collate, and disseminate important and relevant knowledge and information, both ancient and contemporary. 

● To commission works and publish manuscripts, books, and holistic body-mind-spirit magazines. ● To organize and sponsor expositions, fundraising events, camps, seminars, and workshops. 

● To approach the Government of India and international forums from time to time to lobby for requisite policies. 

● To promote and espouse at all levels – Governmental, NGOs, WHO – holistic systems of medicine. ● To preserve, document, and revive ancient and endangered traditions of India and the world. ● To provide a platform for people and organizations active in related fields to voice their views and share information and expertise. 

People behind the mission 

Mr. D R Kaarthikeyan, Chairman 

The former director-general of India’s National Human Rights Commission and former chief of the Central Bureau of Investigation, D R Kaarthikeyan has served in various capacities in the Government of India, including postings outside the country. He is formally and informally associated with many Indian spiritual organizations.

Mr. Aditya Ahluwalia, Managing Trustee 

A businessman with an abiding interest in spirituality, especially Sri Aurobindo’s philosophy and his vision of a New Man, Aditya Ahluwalia wished to contribute in his own way to the betterment of humanity and the world through Life Positive. He also took the lead in starting the website lifepositive.com. 

Mr. V Venkat, Director 

V Venkat has been with the organization since its inception and has nurtured its growth and success. His commitment to positive living and to helping establish a caring society spurs him and his team to greater heights.


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