About Ms. Pavana S

She's a compassionate and dedicated spiritual counselor with a deep commitment to guiding individuals on their journeys of self-discovery and personal growth. With her 8 years of experience with spirituality and divination.

Her approach to spiritual counseling is holistic and client-centered. She believes in creating a safe and nurturing space for individuals to explore their inner landscapes, heal from past wounds, and cultivate a deeper connection with their spiritual essence.

She offers Tarot card reading and astrology guidance 

It's a powerful tools for gaining insight and understanding into relationship dynamics. They can help individuals explore and address underlying issues, heal from breakups, patterns, and potential paths for growth and healing within their relationships.

I am honored to assist you on your spiritual journey and provide a supportive space for your personal and spiritual growth.


  • Divine Astro Healing 700
  • Tarot Card Reading 350
  • Twin flame healing 1100
  • Candle Healing 2500

Mode of Session



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For any issues please contact +919971088870 or +918527622018

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