About Dr. Rajeev Prakash Mehra

 Dr. Rajeev Prakash Mehra is a Reiki Grand Master and Gold Medalist in BioEnergy and is passionate about helping their clients in maintaining mental and physical health in all possible ways. He can personalize and modify these services as per the special requirements and nature of their client’s problems. His biotherapy is capable of identifying and arresting the spread of Aids and Cancer and in the treatment of various fatal disorders.


Awards in 2015-

1.Best Cancer specialist in Maharashtra

2.Certificate of Excellence

Jurys Choice award for the Best Cancer
Specialist in India

Awards in 2016-

3.Most Prominent Healthcare Awards

Best  Genetic Specialist in India - Chromosomes
Telomere - Diagnosis Repair 

Awards in 2017-

4.Certificate of Excellence
Best Cancer Specialist in India - by
Brands Impact.

Awards in 2018 -

5. By AVP Media - International Leadership Quality and Lifestyle, 2018.India's Most Trusted Center for Diagnosis & Repairing on the Autoimmune, Genetic &Telomere levels.

Awards in 2019 -

Certificate of Excellence
"Best Cancer Specialist in Asia' -  January 2019 

Centre in Mumbai:

Indian Institute of Alternative Medicines & Natural Healing 
Lotus Healing Centre

Reiki Plus Centre
Mehak Wellness Centre

ISO 9001:2015



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