About Mrs. Priya Balasubramanian

Priya Balasubramanian is an expert Akashic Record Reader, a spiritual guide exploring inner journey, who inspires self-transformation and spiritual evolution. Her aim is to emphasise the need of self-reflection in spiritual growth. Opening your Akashic record is a path that leads to shift in perception from the outside to within. It presents the role of Self- reflection in one’s connection with God.

Bloomingwithin is the label Priya uses for her Wellness practice. 

Your questions to ask in an Akashic record reading can be based on any challenges, financial issues, career based issues, relationship issues, (like - divorce, relationship with parents, spouse, siblings, parenting a child etc.)that is related to you. 

Her Readings has assisted many unlock their potential, overcome obstacles and limitation, as well as exploring and expanding their perspectives and bloom within. Her readings go beyond past, present, future life of an individual, it opens up dynamic aspect of being and becoming.

Priya is gifted with a unique way of incorporating various healing modalities (like, Bach flower remedies, crystal healing, Divine assistance, hypnotherapy etc.) as guided at the time of reading.

Priya offers Akashicdhwani

Your soul has a lot to say to you about the balance and possibility inherent in who you are and can become.

Your Akashicdhwani is your journey from your Soul’s perspective. 

Akashicdhwani from your Akashic Records brings out the voice of your soul (from soul’s origin) to communicate with you, illuminating your path, removing impediments, and assisting you in making heart and soul-centered choices for your life.

If your records indicate a release work( like a karma correction or trauma release or a fear drill )  in  your Reading, I assist you with the  process of letting go whatever that no longer serves you in the moment.

Your Akashicdhwani establishes your healing and balance. Priya holds the safe space if you choose to work your Akashic record.


  • Akashic Record Reading 3500

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