About Ms. Rupinder Kaur

 Facilitator Rupinder Kaur, creator of www.rawrasoi.com, an online platform for raw and natural lifestyle, and author of two books: Raw Rasoi Everyday Juices and Raw Rasoi Everyday Milks, in her workshop ‘Uncook with Rupinder,’ will give you an excellent opportunity to learn more about the benefits of eating healthy and delicious raw food and how to incorporate it into your diet. After being diagnosed with jaundice, which remained unresolved even after consulting various doctors and undergoing various tests, treatments, and different schools of therapy for more than a year, Rupinder realised that she needed to take her health in her own hands and look into alternative ways to end her suffering. Finally, she saw major signs of recovery in her body after eating raw foods for a couple of days. Inspired, she spent months experimenting with raw food recipes in her kitchen, turning it into a laboratory. Her labour bore fruit, and she came up with well-combined, easy-to-digest, living, plant-based recipes without dairy, gluten, and sugar, to heal her body. In her workshop, Rupinder will be sharing four recipes:
• Immunity-booster green juice
• Almond walnut milk
• Nutty energy balls
• Raw vegan pasta


Mode of Session

  • At centre
  • Online



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