To be happy, successful & flourish in life, is everyone’s innate desire. We spend our life in trying to make it happen. A few do make it happen, while the majority keep struggling.

Now pause for a moment, close your eyes and think of all the times when you worked very hard, you put your heart and soul into the task, still you did not get the results you wanted. DO YOU KNOW THE REASON?

Reason:In life, nothing less than an integrated approach works, and nothing more is required and most people do not realize this.”

Sandeep is a consciousness practitioner, coach, and thought leader with over 40 years of experience in helping people, leaders and businesses in unlocking the EXTRAordinary embedded in them and developing the necessary edge for themselves.

His interventions are Consciousness driven. Consciousness is that higher level awareness that empowers us to operate out of wisdom 24/7.

A few popular interventions are:

  1. Laying the Foundation for Success
  2. Deep dive (Self-awreness of why you think & behave the way you do?)
  3. Developing the EXTRAordinary edge  
  4. From Visualization to Actualization
  5. The Conscious You (Spirituality + Growth + Money) - (FLAGSHIP PROGRAM as it includes #1 - #4)

Sandeep inventions are simple, actionable, experiential with measurable results. His solutions are BESPOKE and a combination of “ancient wisdom + integrated mindfulness + brain science + management research + real-life needs. Acknowledged for connecting from the heart and communicating complex ideas in a simple manner, he has motivated and transformed the lives and businesses of 1000s in India and abroad. Gratitude and appreciation regularly come his way.

For his work he has been awarded the “Glory of India Award 2022” by Indian Achievers Forum, and the “Spirit of Service Award 2022” by Professional Speakers Association of India.


A little about Sandeep

  1. Sandeep has 40 years’ experience.
  2. Spirituality & philosophy come to him reflexively.
  3. He has been meditating for 25 years.
  4. Sandeep is a Consciousness & Culture coach.
  5. A Leadership & Organization Development facilitator.
  6. He is a chartered accountant & a PG in Theology.
  7. An AIMA accredited teacher (Behavioural Science).
  8. ICF certified coach
  9. A certified stress management professional.
  10. Diplomas and certificates - emotional intelligence, appreciative inquiry, meditation, mindfulness, reiki, leadership, neuroscience & interpersonal neurobiology.
  11. Sandeep has presented his papers on consciousness abroad in places such as Oxford, Warsaw, Poland and now would be presenting in Italy in May 2023.
  12. He has also developed courses in anxiety and neuroleadership for Indian and USA academia.

Call for action: To know more mail to talkwithsandeep56@gmail.com or Call +91 9810730653




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