To be successful & flourish in life, is everyone’s innate desire. We spend our life in trying to make it happen. A few do make it happen, while the majority keeps struggling, waiting for tomorrow. But the tomorrow never comes.

Now pause for a moment, close your eyes and think of all the times when you worked very hard, you put your heart and soul into the task, still you did not get the results you wanted. DO YOU KNOW THE REASON?

Sandeep saysIn life, nothing less than an integrated approach works, and nothing more is required and most people do not realize this.”

Sandeep for the last 40 years has been helping people and businesses to be successful and flourish in life and business.  For this contribution of his he has been awarded the “Glory of India Award 2022” by Indian Achievers Forum.

He has helped 1000s through his integrated approach. His popular interventions are:

  1. 1. Know Yourself (Why do you think & Behave the Way you Do?)  - 3 hours
  2. 2. Laying the Foundation for Success - 4 hours
  3. 3. From Visualization to Actualization - 8 hours
  4. 4. Leading with Impact at Work & Home - 12 hours
  5. 5. Spirituality + Growth + Money = “YOU” - 20 hours (FLAGSHIP PROGRAM as it includes #1 - #4)

The above interventions are BESPOKE.

  1. 1. They are tailored to address your challenges and help you to be successful and flourish
  2. 2. The introductory session of 30 mins is free.

An Integrated Approach pivots around consciousness and aligns the spiritual, emotional and rational realms and makes the internal and external human worlds work in sync. This integration leads to flourishment and excellence in life and business. Sandeep’s Integrated Approach is secular and demands no sacrifice. It is simple, fast and effective. It is scientific and bespoke.

A little about Sandeep

  1. 1. Sandeep has 40 years’ experience.
  2. 2. Spirituality & philosophy come to him reflexively.
  3. 3. He has been meditating for 25 years.
  4. 4. Sandeep is a Consciousness & Culture coach.
  5. 5. A Leadership & Organization Development facilitator.
  6. 6. He is a chartered accountant & a PG in Theology.
  7. 7. An AIMA accredited teacher (Behavioural Science).
  8. 8. A ICF certified coach
  9. 9. A certified stress management professional.
  10. 10. Diplomas and certificates - emotional intelligence, appreciative inquiry, meditation, mindfulness, reiki, leadership, neuroscience & interpersonal neurobiology.
  11. 11. Sandeep has presented his papers on consciousness abroad in places such as Oxford.
  12. 12. He has also developed courses in anxiety and neuroleadership for Indian and USA academia.
  13. 13. Sandeep’s solutions are a combination of “ancient wisdom + integrated mindfulness + brain science + management research + real-life needs”.

What the client’s say:

  • If you want to unravel yourself then I would recommend Sandeep sir. I got the opportunity to meet him through one of his workshops on mindfulness. With simple & thoughtful exercises he made me answer some of the most important questions of life like values, goals & where my actual happiness lies. His Interactive guided meditation helped me to reflect on myself. Also, I was amazed with the outcome of my personal session with him, he did not just assist me to untangle my thoughts but also to come up with an effective action plan. thank you, sir:) ------------ Nupur Shah, Indore
  • As one of the leaders at Soothe I got the opportunity to undergo "Leadership Mentor Program" over a span of 6 months. Sandeep comes from a rich experience of coaching leaders and helping them transform into the Modern Leadership Journey towards success. I was a little apprehensive while we started, however, he really helps one to get into the comfort zone and adapt to the sessions quickly. He is very articulate and shared deep insights on activities which helped in improving my current leadership style and work on my weak areas of management competencies. Post the sessions I see a visible difference in me not only at work but also in in my personal life. This is what the right Coach would do to you. I highly recommend Sandeep. In fact we are going to have our next line of leaders coached by him in the next few months. ------------ Mandeep Singh, Vice President, Soothe Healthcare
  • For more client reactions please visit: www.linkedin.com/in/sandeepguptadelhi


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