About Dr. Sandeep Shah

Dr. Sandeep Shah is a Panchakarma Ayurvedic physician, teacher, and philosopher. His passion for Ayurveda can never be missed in any discussion done with him. In his own word, “I don’t practice Ayurveda, I live Ayurveda”. He has been involved in lots of researchers and writing articles. All those have been published as reference books. His love of teaching philosophy has gathered him fame internationally. As a professor of Ayurveda, he has many followers all over the globe, consequently, he became a registered member of several Indian, UK, and USA ayurvedic organizations.

Dr. Sandeep Shahs’ clinic at Indore serves both domestic and international clients, therefore, he has been awarded “Atreya Award” for excellence in Ayurvedic practice. He is also working lately to open a traditional school. The aim is to pass on and spread the knowledge.


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