About Mrs. sangeeta sharma

I am a Certified Life Coach, Speaker, NLP Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Energy Healer and Author of "FOUR LAYERS TO YOUR DREAM LIFE". I am also an IT Professional and Founder of IT Company "DATUM SOLUTIONS". As a mindset coach I mentor people to excel in all areas of their life by enhancing their inner experience to transform their outer reality. As per my own experience while learning all the different modalities like energy healings, NLP, hypnotherapy, coaching… and first trying them on myself and experiencing their impact, I came to the conclusion that to have real transformation one need to work on all the four layers of our existence and that is what my book is about “ Four layers to your Dream Life”.

mode of session: client venues, e workshop, at centre, at home, online, over phone, via email & whatsapp & skype


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