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Sanjana has been a seeker since many years. The whys and how's of life and its mysteries and miracles used to amaze her since a young age. She could always sense that life was more than what was actually felt and experienced. That there was always a bigger truth other than what was presented, made her a seeker at a very young age. She always felt she was guided as she would always have a wisdom that was deeper than a participant of any circumstance. She always had a wisdom that was neutral and would always consider the pros and cons from both sides. This wisdom, she later sensed was spirituality.

She is attuned to Karmic Quotient Force and Reiki by Master Renoo Nirula and has been practicing since past so many years. A student of Dr Trupti Jayin for initiating her into Past Life Regression Therapy.She is a senior meditator with Dr Joe Dispenza and his teachings simplified the mysticism around the hows and whys of life, making her understand that Your life is your responsibility and that no one comes to rescue you. You have to understand the science behind the working of human body and how our interaction with the Field takes us to manifesting or not manifesting of our desired life.

She is a RTT(Rapid Transformation Therapy) practitioner trained by the famous Marisa Peer and has helped many clients to have a breakthrough with the help of hypnotherapy. She practices QHHT(Quantum healing hypnosis technique) by Dolores Cannon and is a level 2 practitioner of this technique. This technique involves regression along with healing from the clients Higher Self. The Higher Self is apart of you that is always connected to Source energy and is filled with love, compassion and wisdom. It is you in your purest form of light and guides you everyday in the form of intuition.

She combines the wisdom of all the therapies in helping the client unlock their maximum potential and lead a quality and authentic life.


  • Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique 21000

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