About Ms. Shilpa Menon

Shilpa is a 'Consciousness and Empowerment Coach". Her work is her passion. And it find its purpose in her vision of empowering human beings by helping them shift from the space of being a 'victim' to being the creator of their own lives.

She is a powerful self healer driven by love for personal growth and excellence in performance. Her intuition coupled with her own self healing experience helps her guide the users of her work deeply and powerfully to bring radical transformation within their own self which is reflected in form of better health, clear communication, fearlessnes, self expression, more peace and happiness in relationships around in their personal realities.

Her values of authenticity, kindness, directness and love provides a safe space for people struggling with various anxieties, fears and shame, preventing them from breaking free of various addictions, patterns, habits and behaviour, to come clean and share their inner most secrets so that their healing can then begin immediately.

She is very adept in using various tools and techniques to help the pursuer of spiritual path gets immense clarity of their own hidden from view beliefs so that her clients can have break throughs even in areas which seem completely unrelated to the prevailing issues.

Her work is highly valued and revered to by humans looking for self growth, unlimited power and freedom of self expression in any and every area or domain of life.


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