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This is a story which is so common that it may have happened to anyone of you. But this common story did not remain that common. There was a moment, a “defining moment”, which changed everything common and suddenly everything was so special!

This is the story of Shveta Sharma. Born to a middle-class couple, father engineer and MBA and working with Tata Motors and mother a housewife, a younger brother who like all brothers was both irritating and lovely. Shveta went to a convent school in a small industrial town Jamshedpur and had the same “difficult choice”, whether to choose biology or maths! 

"Well, I loved Maths, but chose Biology, don’t ask why! I have still not figured it out", says Shveta. She did her graduation in Botany and Zoology and ended up doing Masters in Computer Management and also got a certification from IBM. After working in the IT sector with the Tatas and in the retail sector (FabIndia) and in the manufacturing industry too, she also developed software, managed events and so on. On the personal had her share of friendships, love, breakups, fights and heartburns.

But all this while something inside her kept asking, what next! What next! She learned classical music! Now, what next. Something was missing. What was it, she did not know. She started looking for answers. Answers about life and why I am here. On her soul searching journey, she met many great teachers like Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Archana Didi, Shri M and others too. She learned and practiced Reiki. Life continued and so did the questions and answers. 

But then something happened which changed everything! Suddenly one normal evening she lost her Father. He had no ailment, was perfectly well, but he left and suddenly there was such a big void in her life. All those questions had no meaning. Life had bitten like a deadly snake and its poison was like killing her slowly. That’s when she had to have her answers, God had to answer why he had done this. 

"This was my “defining moment”, and I was never the same again", says Shveta. 

What started as a search for her answers ultimately took her to a place where she truly started to understand what she actually wanted to do! 

"I was here to heal. To heal myself, my soul, to heal other souls like me. I was here to spread the message of love and oneness", says Shveta. 

This journey, unlike the previous ones, was with meaning and every step was in awareness. This is what she is doing now and will continue to do, spreading the ever-evolving awareness which she receives to one and all. As she unravels answers for herself and others, the process of attaining our highest self shall continue and we all shall heal from what we have been to what we shall be. 


Shveta's questions led her to various people, who taught her to look inwards for answers. Since the days when she was regularly practicing and healing with Reiki, she always felt that something was missing. Soon she started identifying with herself and she got answers that she was here to provide. She was here to become a medium. This happened when she met Dr. Ritu Singh, who further introduced her to the world of “hypnosis” and “hypnotherapy” and the wonders of identifying with one’s subconscious mind. "I immediately started identifying and remembering those odd moments when suddenly I used to have premonitions about the upcoming events in my or my close ones’ lives which would become true or the unusual dreams which would then become real", says Shveta. At that time it used to feel both awry and good. But the true meaning she learned now and that was the realization that these were not odd moments, these were clear indications that Shveta had the psychic abilities and she was a born “healer” and that was the reason of her choosing this path. Once she had understood this part of herself, she took no time in deciding that this is where she was supposed to be. She learned the amazing scientific phenomenon of hypnosis from Dr. Ritu Singh and started practicing hypnotherapy in 2013.


During many such hypnosis sessions, Shveta got spiritually healed and gained knowledge and awareness of who she was in her past lives and started understanding her current life and her soul’s journey. This process called “past life regression therapy” helped her kill many of her “fears and phobias”, which she had been battling since childhood.


When life changes for the better it opens all doors to various avenues of growth! This Shveta realized as she started practicing the techniques learned in her day to day life and trying every second of being aware. 


Awareness led her to people who wanted to receive the healing energy and she gave without withholding anything, for she had realized that she was just a medium to channel the unlimited energy of the creator. This new understanding brought her to a universal healing method: “THETAHEALING”. This is a world-renowned healing technique created and spread across the globe by Vianna Stibal in 1995 in the US.


Inspired by Vianna’s true personal story wherein she treated her own 9-inch tumor in her leg, Shveta did her basic and advanced courses in ThetaHealing, Abundance and Manifestation, Intuitive Anatomy, World Class and Planes of Existence. 


Theta is a meditation technique based on spiritual philosophy and the best part is that it does not restrict us to any particular religion. In fact it gives us the wisdom to accept all religions and spread the message of bringing people closer to the unconditional love of the “Creator of all that is”. Regular meditation in this technique creates the THETA waves cycle in one’s brain which connects one to the “Creator if all that is” and helps us go ahead of our limiting beliefs and live life with positive thoughts and develop intuitive abilities to heal oneself and others physically and emotionally.


Shveta's journey continued and she learned and practiced various other healing modalities that brought dramatic changes in her thought, attitude and way of living my life. She experienced the 180-degree change in her after she learned the Access Consciousness modality and was introduced to the world of BARS and Body Processes, Energies and Entities. BARS are 32 points on our head which store the electro-chemical charges of all our thoughts, feelings and emotions, our judgments and point of views and create the limitations and blockages in our lives and bodies. This modality taught her how easy life can be, that the purpose of life is to have fun, to be joyful, to know that we are powerful potent beings, that we have infinite choices and possibilities and not just Plan A & B, that it’s possible to know, receive and perceive messages from our bodies…. It changed her point of views and changed her reality as well.


Shveta slowly started sharing her experiences by teaching these various “life-changing” modalities to others who also wanted to change their lives from the ordinary to special. She started spreading the healings to all those who approached her and became the instructor for Basic, Advance, and Abundance & Manifestation levels of Theta Healing Modality. She also started facilitating the BARS course of Access Consciousness modality along with some Body Processes.


Along with “home visits” to various people and many such healing sessions, Shveta always felt that there was some kind of higher power which was constantly guiding her and her quest for understanding the “invisible guidance” introduced her to a new realm - The realm of the “Angels” and “Angel healing”, "Dream Therapy" and "Channeling messages using Auto-Writing".


And the journey continues... :)


  • Past Life Regression 3000/Session
  • Theta Healing 2000/Session
  • Access Consciousness Bars and Body process 3500/Session
  • Akashic Record Reading 2000/Session
  • Angel Healing 1500/Session
  • Tarot Card Reading 1000/Session
  • Automatic Writing 3000/Session

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