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Ms. Vandana Srivastava is a renowned  Happiness and Abundance Coach .She is a Motivational speaker and a  TEDX speaker too. She is an International Master of Law of Attraction and Abundance, Vibration Therapist and an acclaimed Cosmic Healer.
Married to an Air Force Officer, having travelled across India and abroad, she has transformed many lives.
Her speciality is  *Emotional Wellness and removing hurdles in life*. 
As a  *Theta Healer*, she helps one *clear past life Karmic accounts*, making the present life joyous and smooth.

MASTER YOUR MONKEY MIND YOUR LIFE IS A REFLECTION OF YOUR MIND SPACE…   Vandana Srivastava - an International Master of Law of Attraction, Subconscious Mind Trainer and a  Happiness  and Abundance Coach https://www.vandanasrivastava.in On huge public demand,I am starting an On-line Program for Mind Management to create a Great Positive Shift in life and to CLEAR BLOCKS in the energy flow. Let the DIVINE UNIVERSE be your friend I promise some AMAZING RESULTS It's a one week program on whatsapp. 12th May to 18th May My suggestion is to join with your complete family The benefits 1. Increase your mind power 2. Enhance your energy levels 3. Help you focus better 4. Clear the financial blocks 4. Create lot of bonding with loved ones 5. Find your inner peace and much much more… 



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