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What is Acupuncture Therapy

Acupuncture Therapy

Q.1 What is acupuncture therapy?

A.1 Acupuncture therapy is a form of alternative healing therapy that uses tiny needles that are inserted at specific body points to heal the affected area. It requires a great deal of expertise to “puncture” the points. Know what is acupuncture therapy here.

Q.2 What is the average cost of consulting an acupuncture therapist?

A.2 The cost of taking consultation from an acupuncture therapist depends on a number of factors. It depends on your location, qualification of the therapist, and the number of years of experience the therapist has.

Q.3 Who is the best acupuncturist?

A.3 There is a range of well-qualified acupuncturists or acupuncture therapists on our panel. They know what is acupuncture therapy inside out. You have to browse and choose the best therapist for you. Most of our therapists are certified and carry years of experience.

Q.4 Why does the cost of consulting acupuncture therapists varies?

A.4 The cost of consulting acupuncture therapists varies because there is a difference in qualifications, years of experience and location of the therapists. Some of them may use advanced techniques, which increases costs. Some conduct sessions at their homes while others have centers. Some even visit your convenient place for a session. All of these factors lead to cost variations.

Do you want to get the treatment that gives you long-lasting benefits for ailments such as anxiety or depression?

If “yes” is your answer, then talk to an Acupuncture Specialist today!

What is Acupuncture? 
Acupuncture is a holistic healing method that was discovered in China over 2500 years ago. This method includes needles that can be punctured into the skin at particular points in the body to get healed from various mental disorders.

To give a better treatment, acupuncture includes other holistic healing methods such as herbal medicines, tai chi, massage therapy or transcendental meditation. Acupuncture is gaining recognition not only in India but also in the entire world.

What are the benefits of Acupuncture?
One of the benefits of Acupuncture is to relieve pain in the body in a holistic way. Acupuncture is also the safest method and is very effective in reducing pain. Acupuncture treats several conditions such as anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, chronic fatigue, bipolar disorder, neurosis or psychosis, insomnia and much more. 

Few studies have proved that acupuncture treatment enhances immunity. Scientists have proved that acupuncture is also powerful in treating Parkinson’s disease. It also works effectively in treating age-related problems.

Acupuncture has been offered in India for a while. India now has trained and well-experienced acupuncture specialists. Life Positive is glad to have partnered with the best acupuncture specialists in India. Consult your preferred acupuncture specialists in India from the above list of qualified acupuncture specialists in India, and start living a better life today!

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