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What is Aura Healing

Aura Healing

Q.1 What is aura healing?

A.1 Aura healing is a form of alternative healing therapy that helps to eliminate negative or unwanted energies from the energy field or aura of a person. This results in gaining positive vibes that attract positivity in life. Know more about aura healing here.

Q.2 What is the average cost of consulting an aura healer?

A.2 The cost of taking consultation from an aura healer depends on a number of factors. It depends on your location, qualification of the healer, and the number of years of experience the healer has.

Q.3 Who is the best aura healer?

A.3 There is a range of well-qualified aura healers on our panel. They know aura
healing inside out. You have to browse and choose the best healer for you. Most of our healers are certified and carry years of experience.

Q.4 Why does the cost of consulting aura healers varies?

A.4 The cost of consulting aura healers varies because there is a difference in
qualifications, years of experience and location of the healers. Some of them may use advanced techniques, which increases costs. Some conduct sessions at their homes while others have centers. Some even visit your convenient place for a session. All of these factors lead to cost variations.
Do you want to get rid of negative energy? 
Do you want to become emotionally stable?
If “yes” is your answer, then you need to undergo Aura healing. To improve your spiritual wellbeing, Aura cleansing plays a very important role. Aura healing keeps you happy and balances all your emotional disturbances. Aura healing brings positivity to your life and helps you get rid of negative energy. 
What exactly is Aura Healing?  
Aura is an electromagnetic energy field that has seven layers, namely physical, astral, lower, higher, spiritual, institutional, absolute planes.
Each person has his own set of aural frequencies which have an impact on the energy system of the others. Aura impacts our thoughts, emotions, feelings, behavior and also mental health. We bring in a lot of negative vibes to our body due to excessive negative thinking. This negative energy affects our physical body and causes diseases like blood pressure, ulcers, hypertension or mental disorders like anxiety and depression 
When our auras are creating negative vibes, we feel dejected, depressed, anxious and restless. Aura healing helps you to get rid of negative energies in order to lead a happy life. When your imbalances get removed, you gain self-confidence and will able to think clearly.
Aura cleansing makes us happier, energetic and brings a balance in life. Aura Healing is practiced in India. India has well experienced and trained Aura healers. Life Positive is glad to have an association with some of the best aura healers. You can book an appointment with your preferred Aura healer in India and lead a better life.

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