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What is Chakra Balancing

Chakra Balancing

Q.1 What is Chakra Balancing?

A.1 Chakra healing is a form of alternative healing therapy that helps to balance all the seven chakras of the body. The therapy triggers good energy flow in chakras, removes energy blockages, and encourages overall health. Know more about Chakra Balancing here.

Q.2 What is the average cost of consulting a chakra healer?

A.2 The cost of taking consultation from a chakra healer depends on a number of factors. It depends on your location, qualification of the healer, and the number of years of experience the healer has.

Q.3 Who is the best chakra healer?

A.3 There is a range of well-qualified chakra healers on our panel. They know chakra healing inside out. You have to browse and choose the best healer for you. Most of our healers are certified and carry years of experience.

Q.4 Why does the cost of consulting chakra healers varies?

A.4 The cost of consulting chakra healers varies because there is a difference in qualifications, years of experience and location of the healers. Some of them may use advanced techniques, which increases costs. Some conduct sessions at their homes while others have centers. Some even visit your convenient place for a session. All of these factors lead to cost variations.

Do you want to improve your spiritual, mental and physical health? 

If your answer is "yes" then you have come to the right place. Here you can get help from a chakra healer to solve all your problems. 
What are Chakras?  
The word chakra is taken from the Sanskrit language. The word chakra means wheel or disc. Chakras, in simple words, are energy centers and act as a key to the spiritual aura. Chakras have an impact on a person’s mental, spiritual and physical factors. In order to stay healthy a person needs to balance his physical, emotional and spiritual health. If there is some imbalance, then it might cause illness or emotional disturbance. 

Our body has over 88,000 chakras as per the ancient Indian scriptures. But among all the 88,000 chakras, only 40 chakras have an important role in our body and they are present in our feet, hands, fingertips, and shoulders. There are also 7 main chakras that are present along the central line of the body starting from the bottom of the spine to the head of the body.

Importance of chakras 
Chakras help in maintaining the flow of energy throughout the body. They work on our thoughts, behavior, and internal biological processes. They are also responsible for physical, emotional and mental ailments. The flow of energy in a particular area gets blocked if there is an imbalance in the chakras. Chakra Healing includes a number of techniques such as yoga, Reiki, Meditation, Emotional Freedom Technique, color therapy, etc. 

So it is important to find chakra blockages or imbalances to treat various kinds of medical, emotional and mental problems. Most of the traditional methods only treat the physical aspects of an ailment and ignore the root cause of a problem. And hence there is a possibility that the ailment reoccurs. But Chakra healing treats the root cause of a problem and heals the person mentally, physically and spiritually.

Chakra healing has been offered in India for a while. India now has trained and well-experienced Chakra healers. Life Positive is glad to have partnered with the best chakra healers in India. Consult your preferred Chakra healer in India from the above list of qualified Chakra healers in India, and start living a better life today!

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