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What is Lama Fera

Do you want to boost your confidence levels? Do you want to improve your mental health? There is a healing practice called as Lama Fera which was practiced in the Buddhist monasteries of the Himalayas. This practice has been around since 629 BC. The meaning of “Lama” is a teacher and the meaning of “Fera” is round. So the entire word Lema Fera means Buddha as a healer. 

In Lama Fera process the healer acts as a medium to Lord Buddha and transports the healing energy to the person who is seeking help. This healing method solves problems related to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health

In order to treat the highest levels of negative energies, Lama Fera utilizes 12 symbols. The practitioner can feel the modifications of the energy state at the end of the session. Lama Fera improves the chemical processing of the muscles, body, bones and other disorders. It brings positive energy and enhances mental strength.

What are the benefits of Lama Fera? 
Lama Fera provides you with many benefits and solves all problems related to physical, emotional, spiritual, or psychological health. It takes the whole body into consideration and treats the person holistically. It will give long-lasting benefits. 

Following are the benefits of Lama Fera.
-       Enhances Immunity
-       Removes negative energies that are spoiling health, career, and relations
-       Increases self-respect
-       Boosts self-confidence
-       Improves mental health
 -       Makes you think positively
-       Get rid of self-restricting thoughts 

Trends are changing in India. India has well trained Lama Fera Practitioners. Life Positive is proud to have partnered with genuine Lama Fera Practitioners in India. Contact your preferred Lama Fera Practitioners in India from the above list of qualified Lama Fera Practitioners in India, and start living a better life today!      

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