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*What are the Benefits of Redikall?* 1. Rise beyond your restrictive thoughts, emotions and beliefs and discover ease, freedom and joy. 2. Empower yourself to de-program and reprogram the erroneous thoughts in your subconscious mind with conscious awareness for better health, happiness, spiritual, personal and professional growth. 3. Understand self as well as others’ mind/mindset and associated resultant responses 4. Rediscover and bring into prominence, what is best in you. 5. Address various health, financial, professional or relationship challenges with ease and effectiveness 6. Facilitate effective self-management and healing through Redikall 7. Discover the Guru within and get constantly guided as you unpeel layers of your being through a systematic 'self-help' technique in a step-by-step manner 8. Readily retrieve guidance, awareness and answers from and through your Subconscious Mind through redikall tools and chanelled techniques. 9. Live life with greater insights from higher consciousness 10. A radical way of enhancing your consciousness and facilitating an aware alignment to the Collective Consciousness for an overall peaceful, fulfilled and prosperous life.