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What is Regression Therapy

Do you want to live a happy life?
Do you want to heal all your emotional problems?

If the answer is yes, then you need to opt for Regression therapy. Regression therapy is a kind of behavioral therapy that releases your underlying feelings and hidden emotions that harm your mental or behavioral state.

Sometimes a few past incidents or events of your life can have a huge impact on your current mental state. Regression therapy tries to find out your hidden feelings or emotions of the subconscious mind. Most often, these hidden thoughts are responsible for the kind of behavior you exhibit.
It is also said that an unborn child inside the womb can be affected by the situations of the external world. A tough situation in the outside world can harm the child’s mental health condition. Similarly, the events of our past lives can have an impact on our present life.

There might be emotional wounds due to some previous life experiences which are to be healed. Regression therapy helps you to come out of difficult situations and make you free from the emotional pain.

Regression therapy is available in India. India has got well-experienced Regression therapists. Life Positive is proud to have partnered with the best Regression therapists in India. You can choose your preferred Regression therapist in India from the above list of qualified Regression therapists in India and lead a positive life