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What is Vastu

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Q.1) What is Vastu Science?
A.1 Vastu science is a form of alternative healing therapy. Vastu science is used while constructing houses, buildings, offices. It helps in bringing all positive energies and good vibrations towards your houses, offices, buildings, etc.
Q.2) What is the average cost of consulting a Vastu consultant?

A.2 The cost of taking consultation from a Vastu science expert session depends on a number of factors. It depends on the locality youʼre in. It also depends on the qualification of the healer and the number of years of experience the healer has.

Q.3) Who is the best Vastu consultant?

 A.3 There are a number of well qualified vast science experts on our panel. You have to browse and choose which healer is the best for you. Most of our instructors are extremely well qualified and have years of experience. You have to see for yourself which instructor suits you best.

Q.4) Why does the cost of consulting Vastu science experts vary?

 A.4 The cost of consulting Vastu science experts vary because of a number of factors. For example, different instructors vary in their qualifications and the number of years of experience they have.

Do you want to buy a new house which has positive energies? 

Can a house be the source of positive or negative energy? 
Yes, our house plays a very important role in creating positive and negative vibes in our life. If you want to buy a new house, you only put your budget and requirements in your mind. But this is not the case anymore. Today, people see if the house has proper Vaastu or not. They reject houses that do not match with the Vaastu guidelines. 
So what is Vaastu Shastra? 

Vaastu is an ancient method of architecture and buildings that help us check if a place is right to live or work. This method uses the concept of science, art, astronomy, and astrology for designing and building. It also uses mystic energies of nature and its elements to generate health, wealth, prosperity and happiness. 
Why there is an immense demand for Vaastu?

It is proved that Vaastu plays an important role in bringing positive or negative vibes to a house. A house with a good Vaastu brings joy, vigor, and abundance to your life. It also removes emotional or psychological imbalances. If a house has no proper Vaastu then it might bring tensions and misery to your life. 
Vaastu means not only making changes in the construction but also making changes to the organization or placing of the objects. The color of the house can also affect the Vaastu of the house. So in order to make a house a better place to live in, you need to talk to a Vaastu Consultant.
In India, people are looking for houses that have proper Vaastu. India has many well-experienced Vaastu Consultants. Life Positive is glad to have partnered with some of the best Vaastu Consultants in India, who have many years of experience. You can contact your preferred Vaastu consultant in India from the list above. 

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