Thou shalt have fun!

August 2014

By Suma Varughese

Never underestimate the importance of having fun. Not only does it give you important physical, and emotional benefits but it is also a sound barometer of your spiritual evolution, says Suma Varughese

It doesn’t take much to have fun. Every child knows that. You only have to see a little girl skipping her way to the shop to carry an errand for her mother while humming a tuneless song, or see a little boy riding his bicycle while bouncing up and down on the saddle, to recognise that. Kids know that having fun is the most natural thing in the world. What fun to trample into puddles on a rainy day, to climb a gate or a tree, to follow the track of an ant, to chase a ball, to lie on the grass and gaze at the sky, to balance a stick on your nose, to stick out your tongue to see if you can touch your nose, to spontaneously run a race to see who comes first…


And yet, how hard it is to do these things when we grow up. Perhaps of all the things that growing up snatches from us, the most precious casualty is our capacity to have fun. Somewhere in the precarious journey of growing up, the dents and bumps we have been dealt begin to weigh on our spirits. Responsibilities and duties settle like lead around our shoulders. The burning need to be accepted, or approved of, separates us from our instincts and natural way of being, and stick us into the straitjacket of conformity. Societal norms and demands constrict the life out of us. Sometimes, ambition consumes us and in its pursuit we throw away our capacity to have fun. Often, we wander into the bylanes of sadness, grief and depression and our sense of fun crumbles up and dies. There are a million adult ways of losing our ability to have fun.


Architect and interior designer, Aruna Joshi, reminisces, “Growing up in a small town to a conservative family meant that fun was restricted to family events and festivals. I was not encouraged to have fun on my own or with friends. It is only when I got married and came to Mumbai that fun became an active part of my life. In Mumbai, I made many friends and developed an active social life. In fact my definition of fun today is being with friends and having a great time.”

Says psychiatrist Dayal Mirchandani, “Having fun is a natural instinct, but modern society makes you feel inadequate, particularly through advertisements. Fun then becomes what can be sold. Cricket is fun but not gilli danda because there is
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along with breath, it"s fun which separates life from death.Breath is gone,one is dead. fun is gone,life is gone. With fun,life is alive and kicking. Thank you Suma for taking people away from fear factor to fun factor. Such simple honest and truthful words that not only meet the eye,resonates with the mind and vibrates with the heart but touches the soul too.learn to have fun.

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