Transcending Feelings

By Ambica Gulati

May 2014

What do you do with feelings is a question each of us has asked ourselves when we drown in anger, grief or hate. The human journey is all about coming to terms with these feelings, and eventually transforming them into love, says Ambica Gulati


Painting : Rekha KrishnanPainting : Rekha Krishnan

Chanchalam hi manah Krishna pramathi balavaddriham, tasyaham nigraham manye vayoriv sudushkaram
(The Bhagavad Gita, 6/34)

( “O Krishna! The mind is unsteady, tumultuous, obstinate and powerful, therefore I think it is as arduous to subdue as to control the wind.”)

As I read this familiar stanza from the Gita, I recognised that the struggle to control the mind’s turbulent waves and reach calmer shores was not mine alone. It has been mankind’s eternal quest to find peace in this turbulent world with all its trials and tribulations. Steering the journey to this peace is like a boat caught in stormy seas. And yet it is this very storm that takes one from the material to the spiritual, and then teaches us to discover our True Self. This long and seemingly endless journey has one reliable barometer, and that is our feelings. The work of uncovering our feelings, coming to terms with them, and transforming them from the negative to the positive can, in many ways, be seen as the apex of the Self-realisation process. Which is why, no matter what the path, what is common to all is the journey of coming to terms with feelings.

Career problems, relationship breakdowns, all were leading me to look for the deeper meaning of suffering, as Buddha called it. Past-life regression, reiki, angel therapy, crystals, gems, astrology, numerology, anger management, Vipassana, name any holistic therapy and I tried it, but my quest continued for 25 long years. Until I reached shamanism. Through the discipline and practice that this path imposed, I found myself finally taking faltering steps towards mastering the world of feelings.

The universe knows no boundaries

The beauty of feelings is that they travel free and are universal. And when they cease to trouble us, the result is the same – contentment. UK-based James Thomas McKenna’s emotional life saw violent fluctuations until he discovered his gift as a medium and
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