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September 2014

Three powerful life-altering principles hold the key to the life of your dreams, says Sunil Parekh, in a continuation of his series on mind power

Archana K. from Aurangabad was 90 kgs, and constantly carped about the circumstances and people in her life. It was only when she moved out of her ‘victim’ mentality, that life began to look up. Today, she is 72 kgs, has developed a positive attitude towards life, and finds joy in her work as a teacher.

sunila parekh

Altaf B from Kashmir suffered from severe backache and migraines, had major conflicts with his father, and was dissatisfied, in spite of achieving significant material success. When he too learnt to take responsibility for the results in his life, his life turned around. He took the right steps to improve his health, and to restore harmony to his relationships. Today, he leads a joyful life with excellent health, and a healthy relationship with his father.

Human beings are born with unlimited potential. Yet most people live far below their true potential, and are unhappy, unhealthy, or impoverished. Why is that so? When God created all of us equal, why is it that some people achieve towering success and happiness, while others struggle all their lives?

From my 15 years of research in the area of human potential development, and my own personal life experiences, I have understood that there are certain principles that one needs to master in order to lead a successful and happy life.

Let’s start with the first principle, which is critical for success and happiness. If you simply follow this one principle in your life, you will be able to create the life of your dreams.

Principle one: Take 100 per cent responsibility for your life

This means that the only person responsible for whatever is happening in your life is YOU. Whether the results in your life are good, bad or ugly, you have only yourself to credit or blame.

Most people are unwilling to accept this. They say things like:

“I am unable to go up in life because my parents did not put me in an English medium school.”

“My business is down because there’s a recession in the market.”

“I did not get good marks in my exams because the paper was too difficult.”

“My boss has made my life miserable.”

When you don’t take responsibility for what is happening in your
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Praj Bakliwal

Must read

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Arnavaz Havewala

very good ..im impressed and have started following this immediately.

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