Twenty first century witchcraft

April 2014

By Jamuna Rangachari


When Anna Parkinson was told that her brain tumour was inoperable, it was the beginning of a new life, which enhanced her health, happiness and purpose, says Jamuna Rangachari

Anna : Accessing a whole new world through healingAnna : Accessing a whole new world through healing

It was 2002. Anna Parkinson, then 48, a news and current affairs producer with the BBC, where she had been working for the last 20 years, had not a care in the world. She had just taken a sabbatical to write about her ancestor, apothecary John Parkinson, herbalist to Charles I.

Barely two weeks later, she was assailed by headaches, dizziness, improper vision and rushed to hospital. After many investigations, she was told that she had a tumour that was embedded very deep in her head, pressing on the right side of her carotid artery. The location made it inoperable. She desperately contacted many doctors but none of them were able to help. Was death inevitable?

Meditation beckons

It was then that she remembered that her sister had made her attend a session of talks by healer Martin Brofman, founder of the Body Mirror System of Healing. She had heard how he had healed himself completely of terminal cancer, and in the process developed his therapy. Though sceptical, but having no other alternative, she went to meet him.

Brofman waited until she uttered the magical words, “I want to be healed.” Then he explained his perspective to her. He looked upon the body as a point of consciousness. He elaborated: “Tensions within the body are tensions within the consciousness, and the parts of the body where you have disease, or tension, tell a story. A tumour on the pituitary tells a story of not following your passion. You have to focus on what you want for you.” He added, “The resolution of this problem is in your brow chakra, to do what you want and to do it well, and to earn a living out of that. That’s what you must do.” Gradually, he analysed each of her chakras, which had a profound effect on her consciousness.

Anna remembers, “By the time he walked me to the door I was drinking in his words. ‘We are all divine. In our culture it is considered insane if you say it but in fact it’s true. We are all part of God, or the Divine, or whatever you want to call it.’”

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