Walk like a goddess

By Shivi Verma

November 2013

If the universe is about the Law of Attraction, can women do anything to stop and prevent sexual assaults from happening? Shivi Verma speaks to numerous gurus and healers to find the answer

Ma Durga, the epitome of femininity inspires love and respect, not lust and vengeance in menMa Durga, the epitome of femininity
inspires love and respect, not
lust and vengeance in men

You don’t have to stop being a victim. All you have to do is allow yourself to be the goddess you are – Gesu Aftab.

Rapes are nothing new. But today India is waking up to the plight of women like never before. Call it the call of changing times, but women and the ills of the patriarchal mindset have acquired centre stage both in the morning newspaper and in the mindspace of citizens.

According to the latest statistics there is one rape committed every 22 minutes in India. Is there anything women can do to change this sorry state of affairs? The solution we are looking for is not reactive or vindictive, but spiritual. Ultimately, we are looking for transformation in society. We are looking for a society where both men and women can co-exist harmoniously and with good will. A society where both genders are free of the unfortunate effects of patriarchy, with its proclivity to control, dominate and exploit. For this to happen, women must resist the temptation to react to the current climate of sexual abuse, and operate from their highest selves.

What is a woman?

It is most important for women to realise their value and place in this world. This means going beyond the roles they play as mother, sister, wife or daughter, and plumb the essence of their being.

Says Gesu Aftab, energy healer and transformation agent, “We are not equal to men. We are two worlds totally unique and parallel to each other. When we women try to imitate, or be equal to them, or try and retaliate against the abuse dealt to us, we deny ourselves the possibility of creating the world of our own potential. As a woman your priority is not to be safe in a violent world, but to be the co-creator of a peaceful, creative and relaxed world. Every woman knows that it will not only bring peace for men, but will create an unparalleled space for humanity. Every woman is at the epicentre of a family. Families create societies. Societies create races, religions,
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