The wheels of life

By Jamuna Rangachari

May 2014

By realizing the significance of our chakras and meditating upon them, we ensure good health as well as onward spiritual progress, says Jamuna Rangachari



Chakras mirror our entire life, what we have gone through, and where we stand today. They reflect the level of our evolution. By working on them not only do we heal ourselves, but also progress faster on the spiritual path.

What are chakras?

Chakra in English means wheel. There are seven major chakras, each of which is located in a specific area, has a specific name, and a specific set of functions. They regulate the energy flow throughout our bodies, and also govern the seven major endocrine glands and thereby, various parts of our bodies. They show us where we are, at any stage in life.

The mooladhara chakra (root chakra)

Related senses: Smell

Colour: Red

Musical note: ‘Sa’ in the Indian system, ‘Do’ in the Western system

Bija mantra: Lam

Associated diety: Ganesh

This chakra represents the feeling of being grounded and secure. When out of sync, it can lead to a feeling of nervousness which is often encountered by people facing a new or challenging situation. Beginning at the base of the spine, our first chakra, mooladhara, translates from Sanskrit as root or foundation. This makes sense, because without a firm foundation one can feel unstable and unsafe.

The root chakra’s element is Earth. This chakra is located in the perineum, between the anus and the sex organs. The emotional issues related with this chakra are survival issues relating mostly to money and food. It controls the lymphatic and the skeletal system, sacral plexus which controls the bladder and elimination, and the legs. The symptoms of imbalance in the root chakra are disorders of the bowel and large intestine, eating disorders, depression, immunity-related disorders, chronic lower back pain, and lack of energy.

Affirmation: “I am always safe and secure.”

Meditation on this chakra

Meditate, telling yourself that your needs will be looked after and that all is well and safe. Visualise the colour red in the region of
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