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The Elephant Hide
Sigiriya, Sri Lanka




Your Asana practice will be twice a day with mediation in the evening sessions. Traditional Hatha practice, Yoga Nidra, Trataka and Shatkarma (detoxing)

Balancing your Yin and Yang through pranayama or conscious breathing.

During the day you will be learning an integrated healing practice called Magnified Healing, this will be the first Phase workshop. Manuals and certificates are given for the same. You will experience some Buddhist chants along with Vedic mantras in Chakra mediation using light, sound, aroma and sacred geometry.

On your arrival, you will be given a Schedule so you know when you have leisure time. You can choose to have a nature walk or sightseeing and keep this time reflective. Well, this is one suggestion. Your old enough to choose what you wanna do. But I highly recommend the quiet reflection...

Your diet will be clean, we will even give you easy recipes of yogic foods. So you can make this lifestyle change. 
We highly recommend digital fasting during your 5 days to gain the maximum benefit of your retreat time.


What you can expect to take back?

The hardest thing today is meeting yourself. Your day sprints by doing and more doing. I cannot guarantee this, but  Believe you will see Yourself with New Eyes. 

You will begin asking the right questions to yourself, am not saying you will prioritize 'YOU' all the time but you will at least know the difference


From the moment you arrive the hospitality partner, The Elephant Hide resort...

You will arrive on the 24th in Colombo. We will be at the resort towards the evening have an early dinner and getting some good sleep.

The retreat starts on the 25th Morning and we will end on the 23rd evening.

You can choose to do some sightseeing and head back to the airport on the 24th or, however, you have planned your itinerary.

Transit stay at Colombo while arrival and departure for 2 days are included in the package.

Your sightseeing is also covered in Sigiriya, however, the tickets or entry fees will be at actuals and borne by you.

Air tickets and visa also would be arranged by you. 

What I would like to suggest is that you place an intention to 'Be' present, in this I believe, is where the miracles begin.




Anupama Conso (Taara): Yoga instructor
Preeti Bedi: Master Teacher Magnified healing

You can always reach us on our Cell number for further info

The remaining can be paid on arrival in Srilanka

In case of cancellation, a nominal convenience fee will be charged for your refund. However, any cancellation 7 days before the retreat will only have a 50% refund. There will be no refund in case your canceling 24 hours prior. 


About the organizers/facilitators

  • Ms. Preeti Bedi is a management graduate by qualification and has got about 15 years of
    experience working in the Indian corporate sector with renowned corporates. She is also
    qualified in alternative medicine techniques like Aromatherapy, Reiki, Magnified Healing,
    Flower Therapy, Akashic records, etc and is trained under international masters. She
    integrates her healing arts into her products and also conducts workshops in alternative
    healing along with meditation in India and overseas.

    As an alternative therapy professional, she has helped a lot of patients heal from chronic
    cases like Asthma, Depression, Cancer, Autism, Arthritis, Diabetes, etc and has developed her
    own integrated technique comprising of Herbology along with spiritual healing. She has
    crafted her products after a lot of research in alternative therapies along with personal

    She has also been featured in various media publications including India Today and has also
    won a recognition award for Entrepreneur of the year 2017 by UBS Transformance held in
    Mumbai. She has also been a part of the India delegation at some international events in


  • The Elephant Hide, Sigiriya, Sri Lanka


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