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Life Positive in collaboration with renowned spiritual practitioner Partha Gupta presents Resonance, a life-changing transformational workshop. This masterclass starts with a four-hour group session in person, followed by 1 hour nurturing follow-up session online every month for a period of 6 months. Additionally, all participants get unlimited access to the trainer over call/messages/email for a period of 6 months for any questions/doubts/advise related to this masterclass. 

Now, what is this masterclass all about?

What we seek exists as a possibility. Each moment, life is a resonance of our inner state. As such, it’s interesting to know what we are truly seeking in life? Go deep, and you may find that everything you seek seems superficial. What we are truly seeking is to establish tangible communication with life.


Each moment and each breath is communication happening with life. Each moment, life is mirroring our projections. What we wish to see as reflections from life can actually be achieved through creating that perfect inner state which is our projection to life.

Every successful person in the world has a regimen. Most have a timeframe for meditation. To connect to anything, we need to have it in our perception first. Right insights lead to this ability to perceive that which we wish to connect to and communicate with.

RESONANCE is a 6 months experiential program which starts with a four-hour session of sharing of insights that can establish a very sensitive relationship with life, so that we lead a life largely by our own design, retain calm and pleasant states at will, free ourselves of resistances that stop us, and have the ability to resonate with and experience various dimensions of life.

What is stopping us from this simple knowing? Years of social influences and misinterpretation of the most powerful tool—our breath!

We resonate with something when we are in appreciation of it. Also, there are many things that exist in our life resonating with our inner fears and triggers, born out of being a social being instead of being the self. RESONANCE is a conscious effort to have insights of life resonating with the critical elements that define us.

A holistic achiever is one who

  • Attains calm in the midst of a storm

  • Operates from the zone of non-separation

  • Establishes a tangible communication with life. When you seek it, it’s only half-way. When it seeks you too, the circle is complete.

  • Is in harmony with space they are dwelling in at any moment

  • One whose relationship with time is real and effortless

  • One who is established in their Source

What’s in the session?

The session begins with building the fundamentals by defining the terms Yoga, Meditation, Ego, Self, Separation, Non-separation, Consciousness, Spirit, Intellect, Intelligence, Breath, Prana, Vibration, Projection, Reflection, Anchoring, Relationships, Resistance, and the nature of our relationship with the Five Elements.

The purpose of RESONANCE is to dissolve resistance and bring about acceptance, without interference from our tendencies; to attain the ability to find resonance in any space at will, and to become aware of oneself as a presence and one’s contribution to life through this presence. After all, life is made up of what we give to it. Life is functioning in and through our breath, and as such, we will learn to

  • Breathe free

  • Breathe in that which we are resonating with and materialize it

  • Influence any space by knowing ‘anchoring’

  • Identify the truth, within which time reflections are largely predictable

  • Breathe in the frequency in which it exists

  • Be free of resistance, opinions, and karmic impediments

  • Attain that breath frequency wherein one influences the outcome according to one’s will

  • Attain ‘centeredness’ or ‘stillness’ that is unaffected and non-distracted.

Why is this a powerful session?

Here, we will develop intimacy with our own breath and actually come to learn how to apply it in life.

  • How to elongate time: One of the finest yogic techniques is to experience more time being available through breath technique.

  • How to ensure a ‘YES’ reflection from the client: What do you wish to hear from your client to your proposal? A ‘YES,’ right? So, all one needs to know is how to project a ‘YES’ vibe or frequency. Simple.

  • How to establish a relationship with the surrounding space: Space is an entity. It holds the whole history of time. Crucial knowledge about any space makes us sensitive to it so that it welcomes us.

  • Know what this moment as TIME has in store for us: NOW is the most important time in one’s life; for it’s the NOW that is defining the next moment. What does it mean to live in the womb of time?

  • What we seek exists; know how to connect to that frequency: What we seek is already an image in us. It exists in the consciousness in a certain frequency. When we learn to match that frequency in our breath, it manifests.

  • How to breathe free of resistances: A child receives effortlessly. However, the adult mind seems to have lost that ability to receive because of resistance within. How to breathe like a child again and receive effortlessly is precious learning from life.

  • How to influence any situation from wherever you are through anchoring: By knowing the tattvas or the nature of elements and the nature of people around us, we can, through anchoring, identify energies that influence any situation anywhere in the world, right from where we are. Would you like to know how?

  • How to ensure one takes the right decisions at the right time: A particular element is predominant in our breath at any given moment of time. Our thought progresses to fruition only during certain element predominance. It is one of the finest yogic insights.

  • Know what happens in stillness. How to repair anything through stillness: Meditation truly is the timeframe when the intellect does not interfere with the intelligence that has come in through the breath. Stillness is a revelation.

  • How to change the energy of any space by invoking it wilfully: Where are we at any given moment? We are always at the point of our attention. How this fundamental can give us the power to influence any space and bring a shift in it is no rocket science. It is a simple insight.

  • How to achieve the breath frequency and rhythm that best resonate with life each moment: Every successful person has a regimen or discipline in their approach to life. A breath frequency that brings us back to who we are from all distractions is the takeaway from this session on RESONANCE—an inner state that resonates with everything around us.

Who can attend the session :

The processes and the insights of the session are the finest delivered and are being practiced by many entrepreneurs, professionals, high- and mid-level management personal, fresh MBAs for a great start with their career, sportsmen to manage time, and entertainers and creative persons to be able to dig deep into the resources within. This is a must-know for all as we all are the CEOs of our own life.

Benefits of the session:

One will no longer have ambiguity in life. Clarity is manifest and such clarity becomes effortless due to the insights within. In due course of time, one becomes an expert at communicating with life and achieves their highest potential, which will become part of their nature. What you seek exists, and you know how to resonate with it. Simple.

Masterclass structure:-
1. In-person session on starting date:
4 hours (2 PM-6 PM) with a tea break from 4:00 - 4:15 PM
2. Follow-up nurturing online session: 11 a.m every 1st Sunday of the month for 6 months 
3. Trainer access: Partha can be contacted via calls/emails/messages for any masterclass related advice up till 10th July 2020 

About the trainer:-

Partha Gupta, after spending a good part of the last 12 years in the august company of the Himalayan sages, has created his latest e-workshop Breath Inside: Breathing like a child.

Bodhi is Partha’s personal work with sincere seekers, homemakers, high-flying executives, entrepreneurs, people in the entertainment industry, sportsmen, and yoga trainers.

Partha believes, “That which we seek, exists in a certain breath frequency. When the frequency of our breath matches that of what we are seeking, it materializes.” His techniques will help the participants harness the power and the energy of breath to design a life of their dreams.

Partha has been researching, meditating and documenting insights on "Breath" to reach out to all that each breath is communication with life and as such all, we need to know is to find our grammar right.

About the organizers/facilitators

  • Life Positive in close collaboration with renowned and experienced spiritual practitioners regularly organizes world class workshops and events for mind-body-spirit rejuvenation. These life changing events are a result of in-depth research and work done by Life Positive and it's partner healers/experts starting from picking topics which address pressing personal growth issues to how these workshops should be best delivered. With many years of experience, Life Positive has successfully helped thousands of seekers make long-lasting positive changes to their life.


  • F-1/9, 1st floor, Opp. Honda showroom, Okhla Phase 1, New Delhi – 110020, India


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