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WhatsApp, Cuenca, Ecuador


INR 1399.00


What you will learn….


  1. What is dowsing?
  2. Dowsing tools
  3. How to hold and programme your dowsing tool
  4. Getting into a Dowsing State and How to ask questions
  5. How to ask detailed questions and get answers
  6. Device less Dowsing
  7. The Various Uses for a Pendulum
  8. Several readymade dowsing charts to get you started.

Duration: 15 days (approx.).

Course begins on February 01, 2020

Participants to buy themselves a pendulum.

Other details in flyer attached.          

Those interested may join the WhatsApp (Stand-by) group pre-payment.


About the organizers/facilitators

  • Alumni of The Scindia School and St. Xavier's College, Kolkata, Naresh always wanted to be medicare professional. Somehow, destiny had other plans for him and he joined the family business, but his interest in healing stayed and he diversified his interest into alternative and holistic healing modalities. A Grand Master (Level 18) in Reiki he has been mentoring many initiates in Reiki/Energy healing over a long period of time both in India and abroad. He also practices Hypnosis and has conducted a workshop in 2018 which was well appreciated by the attendees. He conducts WhatsApp courses on different alternative healing modalities from time to time.


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